Three steps to a lighter life

11 juli, 2016

Hi dearest Dad,
For sure you followed the conversation that I had with a reader.  She asked for information about how she herself could make a connection with you and  if her life could be a bit more airy and lighter….
I also notice that the heaviness of life can be pretty forceful for many people.

What to do than? And can we do something with it Dad?
In other words, how  can we deal with the heaviness in our lifes and how can we make it lighter?

Hi dearest Bon,
Yes I did hear it and everyone can make a connection with us. Open your heart with your intention and via that portal we can feed you with loving and light thoughts. There are many of us busy to support you and Earth in this process.  With grieve, loss, abandonment and treason.  With heavy thoughts or projects that seem to fail al the time.
Step 1 is acceptance of everything that happens in the moment. The most important step, because in total acceptance there is no resistance against existence. It’s resistance that gives suffering.
Step 2 is be still for a moment and tune in to your heart, the unseen, the source, God or how you may wish to call it. That in itself gives already a fast release and relieve.
Your mind points out to do something about it. Whatever. Something needs to be solved, changed ect….. But direct action is not always the right solution but a fight with that what has arisen.
Only in stillness you can come back to the source of truth and your own inner wisdom.
That move by itself gives relaxation, acceptance and resignation.
Sometimes you notice that you act from that stillness and it works. Sometimes you notice that there is no movement and also that’s fine. Sometimes you keep grinding on and on, even then there is nothing to do about it and also asks for acceptance.
All our messages are very simple Bon. You don’t have to believe anything, you can only experience it. When you look at life with the eyes of love then you will think, feel and act differently  then when you look with the eyes of fear and worry. I can’t make it more simple for you. And yes that’s a direct influence on how you feel but also on the outcome of some happenings. And, also how you feel gives projections in the field of creation.
This is also the last message Bon that you are going to use for this book.
Our next messages will go deeper on subjects, not more complicated but with a different consciousness of understanding. And here again, for all messages it means that you should feel if your own heart resonates with it. The beauty is that also the truth knows so many variations. And what with your heart resonates is for you the designated road to walk to knowledge and love.
Your question about how much from you is in the channeled messages is a justified question.
Our answer is: as long as it points to love you are on the right way. And that means not that there is a wrong way, because in the end every way leads to the same. Also look at the darkness in the world and in yourself with love and you will feel the difference in existence.
So yes Bon, now and then you are in between our messages and that is also because our texts resonate with you and that’s absolutely fine.
If you really would talk nonsense we would pull  the bell 😉
You do notice that during our evenings you are being stopt with your story because you go onto a path that we don’t want or that it is not what we want at that moment. It’s  beautiful to see how you then realign yourself, tune in to our information and go on again. So it goes in life also. There is  constant guidance present and sometimes you notice that you are being stopped.  Then it is important to become still and to listen to the voice of love.

Oké Dad, step 3?

Yes Bon, step 3 is trust. Trust in the guidance from the unseen world. Even if you don’t believe it, try to trust and see  what happens then. Just do and experience.  But also trust your own intuition, your inner wisdom.  That is always connected with the source of truth.
And these  three steps you can repeat endlessly and shall lift your own constructed darkness in the end again. As I said  before, about the clouds who disappear again because of the shimmering sun behind them.

Dad, what if you experience that heaviness and you don’t believe in the unseen world?

Then you find other steps that do well for you Bon and bring you back to happiness. Step 1 and 3 can bring you where you want to be. Lets be careful to say which road is better, because then you walk in to many mental pitfalls. You can only stand still….and feel which path belongs to you.

Sometimes I get confused by all the books that I read, like about non-dualism?

Again Bon, keep with what feels good for your heart. Sometimes there is a parallel road that leads to an other layer of consciousness that leads to the same. Everything leads to Love…….

Thanks Dad,

Thanks Bon, I am looking forward to the next conversations. Let’s see if you are going to understand them.

Haha, nice and provocative Dad.

Ofcourse you may share the messages……my pleasure .
Also you can ask me questions voor the next messages.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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