The twilight of our thoughts

29 september, 2016

Hi Dad, what a special book by Dannion Brinkley, who has had 3 near death experiences. I find it so special to read these stories, and what is so beautiful, is that these people completely lose their fear of death. He also talks about the twilight zone in the unseen world. You too spoke about that before. Can you please tell me more about it?

“Hi Bon. Yes I will. As Dannion wrote it is how you can see it. As I told you before there are mental constructions in which worlds manifest. There are soldiers still fighting their war here, or  victims caught in their resentment and hate towards their perps. People still believe in their own constructed world so strongly that that world will manifest in the unseen world. And sometimes people get trapped in that twilight zone, just as people on earth can persistently hold on to their old beliefs and ideas. Many of us here are busy showing people the light, so they can open up their thoughts and let love into their lives. But, just as on Earth, there are souls who are not yet capable of admitting that love. And as he described, there are people on Earth who are so negative and fearful that you cannot reach them, they are too stuck in their own convictions. We try to let these people see that there is another way, that another mind-set is possible. And you too can send light to that area. Bon, it is exactly like it is on Earth; you can be influenced by negative thoughts from those around you, and also from positive thoughts. You can send them light too. You don’t always feel the influences on Earth, like sometimes you can’t place sudden sad thoughts. Are they yours, do they come from your direct environment or do just pick them up because they hang in the air.
It is important to be aware that when you feel sad feelings, you embrace them with love. That way they can’t get to you. By the way, this asks for a daily consciousness and some discipline. But you don’t have to be afraid of it, just be interested. When you are aware of how stuck you can be in your convictions, you understand that you can be stuck also here. In other words; award yourself the pleasure of an open mind. Let yourself be surprised by new ways of thinking. Should you have trouble forgiving; start today. Step by step. It all starts with intention. You know that forgiveness gives you freedom, and still the feeling of injustice can haunt you. And if you don’t watch out it will create your own hell on earth.”

Ok Dad, let’s get practical. I understand that negative thoughts can manifest itself and I also understand that we are , often unconscious, being influenced by people in the twilight zone and people here on Earth who are still stuck in their negativity. And I also feel that when I am surrounded by positive people, the sky clears, the air gets lighter and inside me a smile arises. But how can I be aware every day, always positive, uninfluenced? Sometimes that is not so easy, all kinds of feelings come up.

“Ok Bon, so you ask me for some cure that will prevent dark moods and negative thoughts from happing. That is like wishing the sun will always shine, even when it is night. In other words, that is impossible Bon. However, we can give you some tips:
1.    Read about this subject, gather knowledge. That is exactly  what we are doing now. Know what it is that can make your thoughts so dark. Is there something bothering you that you don’t really want to look at. Understand that you are influenced constantly and every day, by something, someone, seen or unseen. Are you influenced by the news, by conversations in fear, or does a thought appear without apparent reason? Notice the thoughts and the feeling that comes with them. To notice is to accept.
2.    Sit down when you notice the above. Sit down twice for 10 minutes every day.  Don’t start a discussion with all the thoughts and feelings you want to avoid. Just acknowledge them for they are here and all is well. Then you think: Ï am more than these thoughts and feelings”. And then visualize a connection with the big Source of Love. Call it Life, call it God, call it Love, they are all One. What happens with you when you think of Love, Life, God? Start imagining and you will experience it.
3.    You are more influenced when you are tired, stressed, over-stimulated. So take good care of yourself and think of things that charge your battery and that feed and fulfill you. Make a list of things that make you happy. Not just what diverts you or what is a simple passing of time, but what really brings you joy. And allow yourself twice 10 minutes every day, to connect with the higher, the more beautiful, the more loving, the most joyful. Think of what makes you grateful. Send prayers and energy to people who need it.
4.    Think of people who might need your light and love, even if you don’t know them. Imagine sending them healing energy and love. What do yóu have to give to the world?
5.    Set your boundaries; what fuels you, what doesn’t. Take time for yourself. Love yourself. You can’t give others what you don’t have for yourself. I believe Bon, that those 2 times 10 minutes a day are essential for you. In that time you do anything that makes you lighter and happier.
6.    Ask for help, connect with others. Together we are strong and as you have already noticed, connecting with people who are on the same path nourishes your own energy.”

Beautiful Dad. A lot of this has to do with connecting to your spirituality and to the divine. What if that is not your thing, what to do then?

“You do the same Bon, you open up to new things, you try it and you feel how it affects you.  All of the above is no longer a luxury, it is necessary.”

Thank you Dad. Many readers will confirm that when you are distracted too long by all earthly troubles, your energy becomes lower and heavier. You feel exhausted and stressed out, you become irritated and you can’t bear things any more. When we start applying your tips -which by the way are not new nor surprising, but they are true- we start to feel better and lighter. We keep up with this a while and feel how much happier we are. How conscious you become of the divine inside you. And then we think “ah now we understand, I can do this”, and slowly we sink back into the daily unconsciousness and ignorance.

“Bon, I can reassure you that it never stops. It is easier here, because the love is so much easier felt. But even here there are souls that stay attached to old, repeating and to non-constructive, but destructive thoughts.”

Thank you Dad.

Note: This week I was reading Brené Browns book “The gifts of Imperfection”. As an academic teacher she has studied the issues of shame and inspired living for years. One of her studies is about the resilience of humans. A crucial part of this resilience is spirituality. By which she means acknowledging and respecting the fact that we are all connected by a power that is greater than we are. Our connection to that power and to each other is a connection of love and compassion. An open mind towards spirituality gives our lives perspective, direction and meaning.
<3 Bonnie

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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