The plan is Love and everything moves herein

13 november, 2016

Hi Dad, a question for you all from a reader:
‘Something inside tells me that on soul-level you make certain agreements with your Creator before returning to Earth. Agreements to experience and to learn, but do you also agree upon a time to return Home? And is it possible that through time, when you have the feeling that there is still so much more to learn and to give,  that you can ask for extension of your time on Earth? I hope that an answer may and can be given.
And your Dad points out that our idea of reincarnation is different from reality. Can you please ask what the difference is and how we can obtain a more accurate view?’

“Right Bon, let’s start with the first question whether you may ask for an extension of your earthly life and if the time of you passing over is predetermined. To get an answer I am asking you, and the reader, first to connect with Love. Because in Love, as you know by now, lies the answer. The question is if all is established… What is established is your ability to create. What is established is your ability to love and be love. What is established is that you will have life experiences to become conscious of your light and your power to create. Because you are part of God, there is no need for negotiation. It is the soul that knows exactly what is right because this part of you, the Godly part, is connected with love and truth. There is no fixed time, there is an indication. Also depending on how your body works. During your life the time of your decease can change. In the Godly order this is exactly as it should be. This means that everything happens in the spectrum of great Love and that every decision, manifestation, creation that the soul and even the ego makes, is exactly as it is meant to be. That is not to say that it is fixed. Nothing in life is fixed, everything moves and the fact that everything moves is an established fact and exactly the intention. Hence the thought that all moves in Order. And that in Order all manifestations, choices and movements that your soul or ego make are a part of the big plan. The plan is Love and everything moves herein.”

Ah, that is beautiful Dad, this is so clear to me, I completely understand it. I realize how our mind wants to frame this concept; this or that. And that the truth is that this ánd that is love…..even though we also manifest darkness on Earth, just to say.

“Yes Bon, and the creation of darkness also is based on love in the big plan. And through this you create a deep consciousness of the fact that you are Creator. At his moment things happen on Earth that bring fear to many people and we would like to ask you to become aware of these events, especially in yourself. Look at them with love, insight and knowledge and realize how everyone on Earth contributes. All that you see in the outside world is a manifestation of your inner-world. But you have heard this before Bon.”
Yes Dad, and now what about reincarnation?

“Right Bon, we will explain this some more. The concept of reincarnation on Earth is bound by time and place. However, in the Now there is no time and place. When I say Now then I mean the canvas on which everything in the universe is being painted, in which all experiences manifest. This canvas is Love, God, Life, Consciousness. Where I am there is also a subjective experience of time and place. I told you before that I have travelled through different lives. Upon doing that I sense a subjective experience of time.  Life on Earth is time-dependent and indigenous. Reincarnation indicates new life. This is impossible because death does not exist…. or you describe reincarnation coming to Earth anew. However, there are countless planets, lifeform’s and possibilities to Be. The soul can feel the need to be born again  in an earthly life, or the soul can feel the need for other manifestations in all these worlds, still unseen for you. And also for me there is also a lot still unseen. There are planets that look like Earth. And spheres in which your individuality can be totally absorbed and you are pure energy. You might stay close to Earth to wait for your loved-ones, as most of us do. And you can also, and now it becomes more complicated, become more conscious of the parts of your soul that gain experiences. As I lived my life on Earth, my life goes on here and I learn a lot. It’s not like your life begins only when you come to Earth. Life is NOW in all its forms, times and places. The problem with earthly thinking is that it can only think in straight lines. It does not understand the circle and dimensions which makes this difficult to understand. You are able feel it, when I tell you that we are all óne and thus connected with every life, with THE life. It is the Life that you experience in all her varieties, all at one, in this moment and we are all ONE…..Maybe now you can also comprehend  that we are all óne. “
Yes Dad, this is spot on for me. So eternal reincarnation does not exist, but we do experience all the different manifestations at once. Thus you are a part of me and everyone’s life is a part of mine…..
“Yes Bon, you are close. Can you feel it?”
Yes I feel it, also when we talk about all is óne…..but understanding it is still something else. Thank you very much Dad. Still  one more question that we have asked before, should we be afraid of  a 3th world war and how to go on, also in the light of recent American elections.
“You never have to fear and when you learn that fear is a mental construction and actually creates more fear on Earth, it is wise that you should not give too much attention to it. Before anything, have faith, which will give a different energy immediately. The fact is nothing is fixed, everything is possible. Humanity itself and her her mind and energy are strongly changing. Yes, darkness, separateness, hate and inequality clearly come to the surface in these times. And that is good because it arises consciousness. When it is brought to the light it becomes clear, noticeable and the light can shine through it. The next step is consciously choosing light and love in every situation. If you could see what your thoughts and subsequent heart feelings create, you would turn around immediately. So start now with yourself and see what it does with your inside world. This has a direct effect on the material world. When Gandhi said ‘change the world, start with yourself’ he meant: create a world of love and light inside you and it will show on Earth. There are worlds here still unseen to you but you can feel them, they exist of love and still more love. Try to tune in to that…..and when you feel it, realise that in reality it is even bigger and brighter than you can image…”
Thank you Dad. And do me a favour Dad, take good care of Mum from your side, she needs it…
“That I will do Bon, she is a strong woman but also her body is a reflection of her feelings, thoughts, and that what she puts in her body and the air-pollution around her. It’s not easy to feel good when your body has its own program, I realize that. I and many others send her lots of love on a daily basis. My distraction was my connection with the Creator and I hope that she also will make that connection again and that she feels her connection with the greater source of Love inside.”

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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