Tell us more about the virus #2

23 juni, 2020

Dear Dad and the brotherhood of light,
Can you tell me more about the situation in the world?

“ Yes Bon, new ideas are popping up in peoples minds everywhere. The image of the new world in which the canals of Venice are clear again, in which the earth becomes cleaner and mankind is more silent. And a world in which people share what they have or what they can do for another. It seems a big change but it is in fact just the change to the natural essence of man. See how easily and quickly that is already happening on the earth.

Because of the higher frequencies around the earth, frequencies that has been rising for some years now, now is the time to wake up. Now we see and feel all the ideas that exist in the world, varying from the takeover of humans by evil to the idea that only humans that live in fear will get the virus.

There’s a higher plan behind it and it is based on love. We do not deny that there is evil; just look honestly into your own mind sometimes.  But the higher plan is always love. And love also gave man a free will, and allowed man to have free creative power to create those things that don not serve you and life in general. Or thoughts that generate outright suffering. However, in the greater plan, with free will and creative power, man learns and benefits from his own creation.

We are with you, with so many of us, to help mankind transform the earth. How was this virus created: by man’s own creative power. That does not necessarily mean that someone created this virus in a laboratory. It is about the step before. That.  The creation of these possibilities has lived in man’s mind for so long.

Like we said before, now is the time to clean up your own viruses. That is the greatest gift you can give yourself, mankind, and Earth. Fighting over who is right has been the mechanism for years. Now it is time for a change, don.t you think?

Time to connect with your heart, with your source of love. Time to reconnect with your essence and therefore also with your creator. To connect with unity and love.  This is a time of togetherness, because only together can you create a new earth where you live in harmony with yourself, each other, and all living beings on earth, including the viruses…for everything is life.

There will not be just one leader or guru standing up, but together mankind will rise. And you will find out that all of you are part of the big picture.

Will you choose love in your thinking, feeling, acting, words and inspiration? That does not mean you can’t face the fear, certainly not. Because when you see what man is capable of creating, then you will understand how you can create harmony and paradise also.

Not everything can be understood with your mind. Feel it with your heart, that soft power inside you. She always knows…

And don’t forget that everything you see in matter has already come to creation in man’s thinking and other dimensions…there lies your creative power.

Thank you



About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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