Suicide part 2: I want to go in love

20 mei, 2016

Hi Dad, first I will explain to our readers what happened today because of our first article on suicide and what your perspective from the unseen world on this subject is.

This morning I had an appointment to call Sterre. She told me she has always had a vision that her life would end around this age. She told me her time on Earth was done, but that she wanted to leave in love. She had read our article and the words resonated with everything inside her. About the unseen world not having any judgement about this. About the various reasons why someone ends his or her life and how we, with our human brain and human standards, simply cannot understand nor judge this.
For years she tried to change this idea in her head; through psychiatrist, pills, social workers, medical exams, everything. She simply never felt at home on Earth, and she told me she felt her mission here was to be an example for this. To open up the discussion about this subject to leave this Earth in love.
My earthly judgement, my values and a psychologist, lifecounselor and medium immediately came to life. There must still be a way, it screamed inside of me. And then Sterre told me she has been talking about this with her close peers for years. She even has 2 young children.

What I noticed, even though my thoughts tried to find arguments to change her idea, was the calmness and surrender in how she spoke. About her fight, her struggle for years, about not being allowed to talk about this deep desire to end her life at her own time and in her own way.  She is done fighting and told me she is ready for it. She wants to go in love, made all kinds of presents for her children, her parents, her friends and acquaintances.  The documentary about the Life-Ending Clinic (…/2016/februari/delevenseindekliniek.html) helped her to find peace. And our earlier article gave her a feeling of recognition and love. She is in a total state of surrender and nothing I said could stop her.

“Why did you call me “I asked her. “What is it I can do for you? “She says she doesn’t know, just that she had this feeling that she wanted to call me. After an hour I know what I can do for her. I want to give Sterre a voice. Together we come to the conclusion that this subject, no matter how serious, can and may be open for discussion. I want her to be allowed to feel as she does and that she is allowed to speak up. I ask her to write down her story and to share this with me, and I tell her I would like to write about it right away and that I will ask my Dad and the group around him for their opinion…..

We can be judgmental about this, but it is a reality, happening in our society right now. The Life-End Clinic receives so many requests from people who want to end their lives. By writing this piece, I am in no way giving out licenses to everyone.  But I realize this is my fear speaking, for you don’t just decide a thing like that in a moment. So I’ll just leave my judgement for what it is….  .


So Dad, I was very impressed and also very emotional after talking to Sterre. I can feel the sorrow of her relatives, her parents, her children. I feel so much, and in a way I still hope to be able to change things. And I feel desperate about how we do not give people who want to end their lives on Earth space and a voice, and I feel the importance of being able to go in love. And at the same time, I am reading Laura’s book, describing her life around and after her dad’s suicide when she was still a teenager. I also feel fear, fear of writing about this all, about what will happen. And at the same time I feel the need to talk about suicide and about people who want to make their own choices. Sterre doesn’t want to go secretly and traumatically. She wants to go in love….

“Oh my dear Bon. Breathe. Breathe and relax, or you will not be able to receive my information without colouring it. This is important in every subject by the way. So let go of your judgement and listen with your heart.”
“Dear Bon, dear people, dear Sterre, Life is endless so one cannot end a life. But you can decide to end your life on Earth. We do not have an opinion about this, we just feel love and understanding. Yes, life on Earth is not easy, as I have experienced myself in the Japanese war camps when I was very young, followed by many ordeals later in life. I was a doctor, I saw so many people who wanted euthanasia or help in ending their lives. As a doctor, you try so hard to let people live as long as possible. That was my job, though in some cases I saw how humanly unworthy it was to just go on with treatments.
As we said before, there is no single reason why some souls decide to go back home and end their lives on Earth. It can even be agreed upon by the soul itself. As we said before, behind everything we create as humans there lies an inexhaustible source of love that gives us freedom of choice. We also see, and you as humans know this too, that for many people life can be very hard. And as humans we just don’t give ourselves enough freedom and space to create compassion, sharing and togetherness. This is because the mental construction of fear is so deeply imbedded in our brain and in our body. However, you are not just your brain and body. As long as we don’t offer space to everyone, as long as our competitive nature creates separation and more competition, as long as we do not support and carry one another, so long there will be souls who simply cannot cope any longer, who are fed up, or just want to go home. Because somewhere in their system, as in yours, lies the memory of the world of Love.
Yes Bon, as you said already, the other option is to create heaven on Earth and to fully live in the presence of the Self. It doesn’t matter where you are going. We will not tell you which way to go, because you don’t know the path someone has to go. “

Yes Dad, but we create so many illusions. Can this idea also be an illusion? That all will be okay, once you get there? Shouldn’t we try to protect people from illusions and detours?

“No Bon that is the beauty of free will and creation. You know, eventually we all grow towards the light, no matter which road we take.”

I hear you Dad, but my mind is screaming for another solution.

“Yes Bon, so let go of your judgement. You think you know better, but you don’t!”

But Dad, life here on Earth can be beautiful too, can’t it? And what about the sorrow and grief you put on others? Do you give permission for suicide?

“No Bon, nobody can give another person permission to do something, or forbid someone to do something. That is just not how love works. Love does not punish, does not blame, does not put guilt upon a person. Love will always bring you back to the essence, to eternal love. In the bigger plan, this is no shock to the source of Love. We should be shocked when we realize what as humans we inflict upon each other by our creations on Earth. Separation creates suffering. We are all One as I said before. Death and life are relative concepts in the world of eternal life. Just as fear and darkness are in the source of Love.”

And what about regrets Dad? Will we regret things?

“You could, but you don’t have to. Read again the article on regret and then you’ll see that regret will show you that you haven’t been walking on the path of love, so you can go back on that path. It doesn’t mean you will feel regret, though your earthly values may tell you differently now. The problem is that earthly values are like rules of a game. Monopoly has other rules than life. And earthly rules are different than universal laws. When the earthly game is over, you will see the Whole.”

Ok Dad, can you tell me, will Sterre feel regret?

“No Bon, that is her process. Not yours. The bigger plan is Love. Always remember that, even though it seems different to you now. Recently you experienced what happens if you let love out of sight. But we are happy that this subject can be debated now. Follow your heart in this matter too. Everyone is allowed his or her own opinion on this subject. We can debate how this longing is created, how we can make space on Earth for everyone and all ideas. But from our side, you’ll get no opinion other than love.”

Thank you Dad, I like that.
Please share this message, so people can talk about it and discuss it.
Thank you <3 Bonnie
Part 1 about suicide can be found here or FB page Spiritmessages 

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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