14 mei, 2016

Hi Dad,

Soulmates; tell me more about it. Yes I know we have talked about it earlier, but I’d like to hear some more. And besides, I cannot find the other conversation anymore…

“Hi Bon,
Soulmates…. First I want you to feel, really feel. How does it feel when I should tell you that soulmates do exist?”

Ok Dad, first I felt happiness, directly followed by some feeling of shortage, of absence. Like I’m lacking a soulmate right now. Further I feel sort of feverish, even dissatisfied, and all kinds of thoughts pop into my head. Like ‘when is this soulmate finally coming’ and ‘why not now.’ If I feel deeper, I feel resistance. Like I would need someone else to make me complete.

“I love it, Bon, how you give answers immediately. There are no soulmates, and at the same time we are all soulmates. The idea that you have on Earth about this only creates separateness and that is not correct. We are not separated, we are all one. Everyone, everything is part of the whole. The ego has soulmates haha. The ego wants to make someone special, wants to make relationships special. And thereby separates itself from the rest.
However, you can meet someone and instantly it feels like you already know each other, like a soulmate. There are various reasons for this; maybe you already met while sleeping. You recognize each other because your particles bumped in to each other before. Or you recognize the Divine Light sooner in one person than in the other. Or you agreed to connect on Earth when you were still here. The point is that you never should forget to féél. Should you feel fear, the illusion of separateness, it is a concept made up by the ego. “

Ok Dad, hold on. If time does not exist in your dimension, then what do you mean by agreeing to connect? Isn’t that nonsense then?

“Yes Bon, but I can only explain this through your dimension. Yes, in our dimension things are completely different, it’s like agreeing upon a new dream while at the same time you are fully alive. I tell it to you like this, but in reality everything already is present in the everlasting now.”

So Dad, there are no soulmates. But sometimes, as a human, it really feels like it. Or at least to me it does, I think.

“And there’s your answer Bon. What you believe and think will happen to you, but it doesn’t mean that it is true. You can live a dream, but it is a dream in separation. Not the full consciousness of the now, not the creation you really are. You can believe in the idea of a soulmate, but in reality everyone is your soulmate. If you start believing that, you will experience it in earthly life already too. Do you understand what I mean? What you believe is what you will experience, but there is no such thing as one soulmate. You can agree here to have that experience, but still separation is an illusion and so are special relationships.”

Yes dad, I also learn this in the Course in Miracles. I do understand, but looking at the world I also see that we all have special relations; either you love someone or you hate him.

“Do you remember our talk about the cells in a body Bon? They all have their own place, but together they are whole. One cell in a nail will recognize another nail cell, but has been any other cell as well and will be one again someday. The essence of each cell is the same.
What you often confuse with meeting a soulmate is the ability to exchange energy on different levels. With some people you feel that stronger than with others. Nowadays it is easier for humans to merge energy and then feel unity through that, while you still are in your own body. This is because we have more knowledge of the light body. -I call everything that is not your material human body the light body, to keep it simple- You can feel the light body in another person. It is light, it is love, it is Godliness. More and more people can feel this without even being physically together.

Earlier you asked me about sex, on earth and here. I told you then about the beautiful experiences in uniting two souls, two lights. Many people on Earth feel that physical connection no longer is enough and are looking for new ways to unite. That can happen by consciously and intentionally merging the energy of our light bodies. People who experience this speak of magnificence, grandness and unity. When two light bodies merge, there is an incredible feeling of love and power that is hard to describe. But you can feel it, because you already have memories of this. You have been there before.  And since people more and more often feel this on Earth too, we are inclined to confuse this with being special. Which we are, and are not.”

Haha Dad, I understand you and I can feel it even more. And I am aware that I can feel this here too, with men and women of all ages and types. And that this will become stronger, once other become aware of it too and have the same intention. Beautiful to feel that. But unfortunately my ego makes it into a game of feeling needed and wanted. And then I want to have the other person, as a matter of speech. My ego does make a difference you know 😉
But it is nice to know that if we become more conscious about this maybe we don’t have to be so difficult about adultery. Because there is no adultery if we are all one. We can have beautiful experiences without making it physical. We can still, but it is not necessary, so that makes it easier.

“Yes Bon, because often the body will only distract you. Will make you aware of bodily sensations instead of the sensations of the light body and the soul.”

Beautiful Dad, thank you. It reminds me of the experience I once had when I merged with Jesus. That was such a special, beautiful feeling, I will never forget that.

“Yes Bon, and that feeling is possible with every particle and with the whole.”

Does this apply to twin souls as well? Is that different? Someone asked me that.

“There also applies that every particle comes from the whole. And one particle is not more special to you than another one. We all come from the Whole.”

Thank you Dad.

“Bye Bon.”

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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