9 november, 2016

Hi Dad, I got a question for you about self-healing:

‘I have a question for your father and his group about self-healing. I have read some of your conversations and I know you have spoken of this subject before. But still, I want to ask you this. The recovery, the healing of my body, this process goes impossibly slow. I have a sense there might be something to speed it up, but I don’t know what. So my question is; what are the best and most beautiful ways of self-healing, in connection to the Unseen World? How can they help me, and others here on Earth as well? And personally for me: why am I not yet healed?’

“Hi Bon, I am not the only one here who is inspired by this subject. There are more of us here to answer this question for you. Actually, self-healing is impossible. For the Self already is whole and there is nothing that needs to be healed. There is such peace in knowing this. But the body is something else. The body is not made of everlasting, incorruptible material, it is subject to influences other than the soul. So, to make things clear: the Self doesn’t need healing, the body however has its own program. The body is subject to earthly laws and is filled with viruses, bacteria’s etc. These bacteria’s fight each other, the good ones help your body, keep you alive, while the bad ones make you sick and destroy your body. Also, the body is made of solid material and therefore incredibly slow. As fast as your mind is, so slow is your body. And there is nothing in the soul that a body would feel the need for to heal. It is our ego, our personality that makes judgements like ‘ill’ or ‘healthy’. This just to frame the issue, from which point we can acknowledge it further.
So many people on Earth are enlightened or conscious and yet have laid down their body by a bacteria, a disease, because their body was made of earthly material. That is a fact. They didn’t feel the need to heal their body, for they never saw themselves as ill, for they knew who they truly were.
That is important! A soul in surrender, at peace, at rest, gives the body the chance to fight… or not. Both sides are good, equally good. It is the ego that judges the body as ill, and wants to solve that. There is conflict in this. There are conflicts in many aspects in a human life, so also in the body. Wanting to solve things in the body will definitely cause more struggle, more conflict. And the outcome is never certain. Sometimes medicine or medication will do their job in healing the body. And sometimes it doesn’t.
There is trust in the soul, an immense trust in the wholeness of Being. And therein lies peace. The most important question is how we can heal our personality and ego, how we can live our essence. So we know the question is being asked by the personality, by sickness and health.
The question how a disease can develop in a body or a mind is a question that has many answers: it can be that you agreed upon this before you were born, it can be the result of the pollution on Earth, food habits, thoughts, a bacterial infection, something the body has to work out etc. It is an endless list of possibilities. There are so many causes that can make a body sick or even let it die. And eventually we all have to let go of our body. Sometimes a disease starts under your influence, and sometimes not. Sometimes you can heal your body through intervention and love, and sometimes you can’t. So you were not always creating it, and it is not always predetermined.”

Nice Dad, this is all great haha. How about an answer?

“Well Bon, you can influence the preconditions. You can be conscious about food, exercise and all that the body needs. You can lovingly support your body by having a deep trust and you can try different techniques, regular medical as well as alternatives. What a person has to do to support his or her body depends on the person. It is of outmost importance to feel whether something is good for you or not. And that is where there is space for creation. When a treatment feels good, it will work out good in most cases. When a treatment doesn’t feel good, I would not apply it on a body. In the question you got, the acceleration of healing of which he spoke can be obtained through faith and trust. This will make you feel better about the body. Which does not mean the body will be healthy by the way. How often doesn’t it occur that people carry a disease in their body and don’t even know it? Worse yet, earthly bodies are full of potential bad stuff.
We can tell you though, that anger, grudge or guilt do not give light to the cells in your body. Being angry at the disease does not help. The support for our body is found in the amount of light we give our cells, through love, touch, acceptation, and visualisation and by connecting ourselves to the source of light, the Divine. Sometimes the body’s process of corruption is irreversible, and then it is essential to connect and identify oneself with the true Self. Through this ultimate peace can be achieved. 

As for the person who asked the question why his body doesn’t heal; it is because his body is not healed yet. The disease is functional, though his ego will think otherwise. The body is slow in processing, the mind is quicker.
We love to help you to connect with your true essence. On Earth there is this concept of duality, sickness and health and therefore you experience this. When the duality is solved, it will provoke a complete change of the body’s structure. The cells will consist of light, and so will the body. So be still, relax, and nourish yourself on the energy of the Source…. Let your mind be at ease and relax your body. Be guided by your inner holy voice and it will lead you to where you need to be.”

Dad, can I interrupt… isn’t it true that the more we trust, the more we are capable to create and therefore recreate. Our body also….

“When you reach that level of trust Bon, you no longer live in duality and the concept of disease will disappear… also from your body.”

So Dad, summarize this so everyone can understand?

“Acceptation Bon, and…. Love.”

Thank you Dad, I am going to really feel your words.

That night, during a workshop there were more images about diseases. They showed me how the body reacts; to thoughts, feelings, food, interaction with other people, pollution. Also I heard them say that the most important thing for healing is patience. PATIENCE.
A lot can be done through music and light frequencies. Light is one of the most important factors in a cell. Light therapy can help, as can visualising light in the cells. 

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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