Punishment and reward.

7 april, 2016

Hi Dad,
During the reading in Amersfoort you brought up the subject of rewarding and punishing. Can you repeat that once again? I think it is beautiful to pass on.

Yes Bon, we told you that punishment has never made anyone a better person. It stops you from growing, learning and enjoying. It may seem momentary, but it does not bring us closer to our essence. We move further from it. The idea on Earth that punishment would work is based on the illusion of separation. When you punish yourself or someone else you create a feeling of separateness. This creates a feeling of rejection. And rejection causes in itself, again, different sorts of behaviour to get rid of the feeling of separation. Like aggression, attack, fear, battle etc. Just feel the energy of punishment for a moment! Think back at a time or moment when you were being punished.

Yes Dad, the moments that someone punished me I still do remember. Oh my, as a child you feel so small then.

“We do this because we don’t know any better. We really think that punishing our children and ourselves works”.

Yes Dad, I also believe that it becomes more difficult to bring some parts of ourselves into the light when we punish our self. And I know that when I punish myself I rather not look at myself anymore, but just blame someone else.

“Yes Bon, and everybody is under the influence of this mechanism. A deep misconception it is, that you should raise your children with punishment. That’s how it all starts. Then the child learns to punish it self and by doing so starts punishing others.
Rewarding Bon is a totally different feeling and gives a different energy. It gives an opening for growth and insight. It gives an opening. It’s so beautiful that when you come here you directly feel this concept and understand it because of the great amount of love that is present here. It flows through your consciousness and you immediately realise how often you have punished yourself in your life. You realise that punishment gave you a feeling of apathy and detachment. A detachment from the soul. A detachment from love. A detachment from the heart. That is what detachment is.”

Why is it by the way that we cannot really feel that love? This week I had a client who had also closed her heart out of protection after several major punches. But this had made her feel separated and distant.

“That is exactly what happens. The heart is the gate to love. Nothing else but that. Close the gate and you feel less of the love inside you. And on Earth we automatically close ourselves after we get hit. I even use to say: don’t fall in love, that only brings pain. Silly and far from the truth. For an open heart softens the pain and enables us to feel the Love again. You wrote a beautiful poem Bon, about how strong your heart is.
Closing of your heart is the biggest punishment because it deprives you to access love.
Your heart is the gate, to love and to this world. Unseen like love that is so tangible and such a deep knowing to the heart.
When you feel that your heart is closed, ask in your thoughts if we may help you. Then allow your heart to open slowly again and become aware of the love that flows into your heart again. Yes that might bring tears and that’s wonderful. Let them flow and open up. The pain of closing and keeping it closed is the biggest punishment. Reward yourself with the endless source of love that is there for you as well, always and abundantly.”

Beautiful Dad, I can feel it through your words. What really surprises me is that so many people, in the visualisation I give during the reading, receive so many beautiful messages. Images and feelings that they had not expected. From deceased people they had not thought about for a long time, and the feelings of love they then experienced. Thank you Dad, so beautiful to be able to give this message and to experience how all of you indeed open gates in people and make them you’re your presence again.

“Very well Bon, keep continuing and more gates will open up in people and in your heart. That’s exactly what we aim for. Opening the gates. And there are many.
Welcome home”.

Nice Dad, thank you very much.
Of course you are welcome to share these messages.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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