Mission, truth and singing in the unseen world.

26 maart, 2016

Hi Dad,
We have had another beautiful night about the messages you share with us. I do want to come back to two questions. One was if it was possible that part of the soul still resides in the unseen world and brings back the part that is here in a body premature? And the other from someone who asked why I don’t just get this from my own soul because that is also all-knowing.

Hi Bon,
It was a good night indeed, as we were there. It is true by the way that you remember little of those evenings and what we talked about although you are familiar with the subjects because you have heard them before. As mom also had noticed already, you are completely at rest when you speak. We do feel your nerves beforehand but it is right that some sort of veil covers your alert thinking.

Yes, good that you answer that, Dad, because that is a weird feeling. I know what we, you and I and the group that inspires you, are going to talk about but from the moment I put on the first song something strange happens. I am there and I am not. I can’t think straight about what I want to discuss and I noticed that when I want to control it, I become speechless. I have to become quiet again then and listen again. That immediately answers the second question why I don’t get it from my own soul.

Yes Bon, and the answer is also: together we are more.
As I can see a bit more of the truth, there are of course people here that can see even more. Together with you we try to pass it on the best we can. If it were only to come from your soul than you still lack the awareness to understand and explain everything. And why do it on your own when there are so many of us? It makes life a lot easier as well. Everyone can ask for help. After all we are here with more than enough people, angels, guides and light-beings to help you.
Coming back to the first question. The question is not all correct since we are all óne. And all those particles also have the free will to create experiences. There will never be a particle controlling the other to bring you back from Earth rapidly. So it is not as if you have twin souls. The one whole is already divided in infinite variations. However, you can recognise particles that exist close to you in the bigger part.
It does happen that people arrive here too soon and are asked nicely to go back to Earth again to complete their mission. Oh yes, and by the way you don’t need to search fiercely for your mission. Live your life as much as you can in joy and follow your heart. Then you live your mission. And that can be different for everyone.

Yes Dad, but the other day there was someone in the workshop and she could not feel her mission and that bothered her. There was nothing that se felt really passionate about.

Oh Bon, but who says that you have to feel a real passion for something? Yes, you often have that but that doesn’t mean that when you don’t feel that, you are not living your mission. Not knowing is different from not living. Sometimes it is just better that you don’t know your mission and at the same time you are just living it.

Haha Dad, yes I understand that one. Besides, beautiful as well that someone pointed out again how much your texts are similar to what is written in the Course of Miracles. And I am delighted now that I study it with a group, that I sometimes literally recognise your texts.

Yes Bon, the truth reveals itself in many different ways and every day again through many inspirations, people, books, conversations and movies. Every day again, to remind you who you are and what truth is. Many angels walk around on Earth and cross you path frequently to remind you. What we tell you is not new either. The truth is indeed everlasting and is therefore repeated in many forms and in many different times on Earth. That is why you recognise it and your body feels a sense of recognition and excitement. The soul in you understands and responds to everlasting and eternal truths of the soul.

Thanks Dad, I am off to bed. What are you going to do?

I am going to refresh myself with the beauty and the healing energies present here and then I am going to make music, singing to be more precise.

Ahhh Dad, really? Making music? Singing? You never could here on Earth.

And that is exactly why I do now. Did you think that we do the same things here as we did on Earth? No, we especially do also those things we didn’t get to do on Earth. You sometimes hear music from the unseen world as well?

Yes Dad, but from a far distance. More as if it is in my memory than that I really hear it. Oh, I would love that, Dad. And of course I would love to hear you make music. Haha.

All right Bon, we will try whilst you are asleep. In your dreams we can let you see and hear many things and inspire you. Besides, this goes for everyone on Earth. So pay attention to your dreams.

Bye Dad.
Bye Bon.
Please share the messages of inspiration for all.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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