Life in the world unseen

1 mei, 2017

Hi Dad, tell me…

“Yes Bon, life in the unseen world. Remember the book by Antonie Borgia who wrote about life in the Unseen World? I can assure you he was right and there are so many more possibilities here. We want to tell you about our life here. Just like you are living on Earth, we live here and others live elsewhere, but Life is the theme we all have in common.  Everything is alive, moving, growing and changing. But let’s start at the beginning.

To die is not a hard thing to do because you live on and find out that death was just an illusion, maybe one you feared your whole life on Earth though.   Often in the process of dying, when your body starts to die, you already see your passed loved ones. For many people without knowledge of life beyond death, this can be very scary. Which is actually a pity, for it is not necessary. You cannot, and have no need to fight death. You cannot win that fight. It is just one big exercise in trust. In my case it was quite easy, I just slipped out of my body. My heart just stopped and I sort of automatically slipped out of my body, I saw my body lying there and then left it behind. And yes, 2 days earlier I saw someone in the garden, waiting for me. Many people experience that; they get a hint, a look, a sense of the Unseen World… of Home.

Should you have strong feelings and thoughts about how life here should be, these ideas can be confirmed, you will see and experience your images. In the first layer you see a lot of people gathered who have the same ideas about the life here. People who are convinced that there is no life after death at all, often end up in a kind of blank area. It takes some time for them to wake up, to shed their convictions. But then after all, what means time over here?
In other words, the less beliefs and convictions you have, the more open your mind can be, the more you will be able to experience and see. I am just saying; every conviction will limit your experience.
But given some time, you will start to see the light of Love radiate through your convictions. This huge feeling of Love will bring you to another state of being, in which you are able to open up to all possibilities. Sometimes loved ones already here and able to show you the eternal possibilities of the Unseen World come and pick you up.
So keep an open mind on your way here is an advice I want to give to every one of you.

Just as there are many worlds on Earth, just look at differences in faith, culture, positive or negative thinking. There are different worlds, but still all on Earth. And so it is here. You can assume a lot of things, but the question remains if your truth is the only truth.
For me, nature here is incredible. It is so beautiful, so serene, it is beyond belief. In your visualisations you experience and see the world here. However, often you are distracted by your daily life and you sort of zap out. I do not want to give you too specific information of all the possibilities, spheres, layers that exist. Why? Because it will form convictions and ideas and you will not be as open minded to other possibilities. Have an open mind and the universe is at your feet. All is possible.

We are all with you on a regular base. We can still feel the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the ones we left behind. The first period after death we still sort of live in 2 worlds, at some point we are more living in this world, but at that point we are more able to communicate. And no, not everyone is able to communicate with us, or feels the need to. As you have learned too Bon, it takes practice. And so it is for us here. And there is no use in trying to communicate with those who don’t have an open mind. How should we present our feelings and inspirations to a closed mind…?

After a period of getting used, meeting others, clearing old convictions and discovering possibilities, some will do or finish what they haven’t done on Earth. What they might have always dreamed of. And some, like me, want to communicate with Earth, for various reasons.
Others learn, discover, travel. Some help, build, welcome arriving souls. Some try to help others who are still trapped in their mental constructions. And then there are layers too beautiful to describe. You will find out for yourself, first concentrate on living on Earth. “

This is so nice to hear Dad. Yesterday during a workshop I had a question. Is it necessary to know your guide and can everyone communicate with them?

“Nothing is necessary Bon. But it can enrich your life ans your insights. Of course people will tell you everything can be found inside yourself, but why not be led by your wiser brothers and sisters? And yes, everyone can communicate with us! You have to practice though. Just as when you learn a foreign language. You have to learn to speak each other’s language. Start with intention; the desire to be able to and then ask how to develop and practise this.
In the current times on Earth it is necessary to be inspired, and this is a beautiful opportunity to do so. And can you find it all inside yourself? Yes you can, once you walk the path of love at any time.”  

Dad, yesterday I had an inspiration I want to share:

Why believe in impossibilities if you could also think in possibilities
or believe in fear if you could believe in love.
Why worry if you could trust
or close your heart instead of opening it.
Why do everything alone if you know together all will go better
or believe in your weaknesses instead of your strength.
Why compete if we can also cooperate
or let your greed prevail while we could share.

And why follow your thoughts when you could follow your heart
or chose reality instead of idealism.
Your heart is so much wiser, more inspiring, more loving.
She will show you your strength, your possibilities and chances.
She will inspire you to share, grow and be open.

Wasn’t it mankind’s idealism
that let us grow, and made us believe in a new world?
It is precisely this daydream, this belief
that will move mountains, together in love.

“Beautiful Bon. And so it is, believe in possibilities.

By the way Dad, I sent all manuscripts of our conversations to the publisher to make it into a book. Are we done now or are there more theme’s to discuss?

“Ha ha Bon, themes of life and death, illness and healing, fear and love, joy and suffering? Everything you need to know can be found in these messages. But one will always have the desire to have more knowledge. Which is a nice theme too by the way 😉
The beauty of it Bon, is that we will never be done learning and when we are able to open our minds even further we will be able to understand even more. We’ll get to that later too.
To whom may read the book I would like to invite them to read the conversations over, or every now and then randomly open a page. Learn to listen with your heart and stop wanting to understand everything with your mind. By practising listening with your heart you will see and read other things in the same text you’ve read earlier. All books inspiredly written or channelled have different layers, and it is beautiful to discover those layers.
So no Bon, we are not done yet. There are still so many things we want to tell you, make you remember, want you to pass on. Just feel how it makes you feel, which energy it brings you to do this. It is so nice how we established this contact. And with our conversations we hope other people will remember who they really are in their essence and we hope they also will start writing with their passed loved ones and their guides. They don’t have to, but they might. There are so many possibilities. “

Yes Dad, this contact is magic and it nourishes my soul, and it is something I grant everyone. I do notice these last months that you are not the only one speaking anymore, there are more of you.

“Yes that is correct, because I pass on words of the others of the Brothership of Light to you too. And there even will be a time that I will no longer be the one to pass these words, and that is fine too.”

Nice Dad, speak to you soon.

“Bye my sweet Bon.”

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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