January 31th

31 januari, 2016

Hi Dad,
Tell me….

What is there to tell Bon, what you don’t know already. You can get access to this knowing when you are still and listen with your heart and your soul. Knowledge is so close by and therefore it seems so far away. Because the mind does not understand this it will always search outside itself for all the answers, while in reality it is already there, inside.

Beautiful Dad, I have questions. First this documentary Cowspiracy about cattle farming and the meat industry. Many problems would be solved like pollution, shortage of water and famine if we would but stop with these huge amounts of cattle farming, all these animals have to eat so we can eat them.
And at once there is the thought again that people find it so difficult to share. In so many ways. Why?

Yes Bon, we have talked about this in our last conversation and indeed this documentary is focused on this. The meat industry is gigantic and will not start sharing soon. It’s all about money and power. And the mad idea that there is shortage on earth. When you look at the world now then you see how far we are from how every person feels in his or her own heart compared to how it could be.
Dreams about paradise. ….are not dreams but memories.
We know it all. But do not mistake the constant programming on earth about separateness, shortage, fear and money. But realize that you can do a lot yourself. First by changing your thoughts. Then your feelings and behaviour will follow automatically. Again I tell you: do not allow fear in your thoughts. Think love, then the love grows in you and you will behave and act full of love.

I discover some recalcitrance in myself here Dad, we cannot ignore the fact that we make a mess of so many things, but also I am aware of how many times I am not fully Love.

Knowing this Bon what are you going to do about it? Feeling angry, sad or guilty again? Would that be the way? Yes the way of your mind, your ego. That’s right. But do you think it helps you?

Pff Dad, ok. What a battle in me now and then. Reprimanding myself and then I go into a downturn spiral of thinking, feeling and doing. But again here is often this feeling of guilt underneath…. bah, about that I also am judgemental. It’s going well today Dad. Also having a headache all day. Probably not for nothing…..

Dear Bon, start breathing, give yourself space just to be. That storm around you and in you…..relax….

I am Dad, I breathe, I hear the wind blowing around the house, I experience the storm of negative thoughts in me…..and I smile…. Jeez Dad, suddenly I experience how much you can do to yourself, and in one thought! It is a straight attack. Odd that it appears like this.

This is not for nothing Bon, it’s for you and the readers, to make clear what happens in you when you do not train your thoughts in a positive way.

As if you were so good at that Dad….

Not at all Bon, and many who come here are getting aware very fast of how they have hurt themselves in their lives with all these thoughts of guilt. Nice that you are going to study A Course in Miracles again, I should have done that sooner. It’s very clear in there no? There exists no guilt. Only in the mind.
Ask Mum to look up in Oahspe, what is written in there about guilt. You will find that interesting for sure.
Well let’s go back Bon, what are you going to do about it? Fight, getting angry, hit yourself on the head (that’s the headache) or are you going to be loving towards yourself and look at yourself with compassion and talk to yourself?

Yes if you put it like that, then I go for the last one. And I will be aware even more about my guilt thoughts in future. I am becoming very conscious of how we can indeed create worlds with our thoughts. I liked the beautiful text from Tinto: You can create infinite worlds but that does not bring you home. What really brings you home Dad? While I ask I know your answer.

Yes Bon, Love in all her facets. As I said before Love = Truth = God = Love. And thát is coming home.

So my fit is over hihi….That is also good, to tune in to a different frequency and communicate with you or Tinto. It brings everything in perspective again.

Yes Bon, it brings everything in the perspective of love instead of fear. And for sure, it is excellent to become still, to breathe and to tune in to the bigger plan. It changes your outlook immediately. Remember? Go to the top of the mountain and stop fighting your shadows in the forest at the foot of the mountain. They are just shadows.

Well that is a good one Dad. So when it storms: become still, tune in and walk up the mountain. What a beautiful view!

You are welcome to share these messages of love.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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