January 24th

26 januari, 2016

Dad, that was beautiful this morning, how you spoke about fear at our Sunday meeting. I know we already spoke about this before, but your words today were beautiful again. The last conversation was about fear too. Can you repeat one more time what you said exactly this morning.

Yes dear Bon, and how difficult you find it during the Sunday meetings to allow me to talk through you. I understand, but here is a good example of doubt or fear that plays a game inside you. And it hinders you. You stand in the way of what your heart is giving you.
That’s what fear does. It throws veils over your heart. Your heart that knows the truth. All our hearts do. My physical heart suffered because on earth I was eager to deal with my fear but also with the fear in others around me. And fighting doesn’t work of course, that we know now.
But fear throws veils over truth, which your heart can feel and the beautiful thing is that everyone’s heart can feel truth experienced as a deep sense of knowing. Sometimes is seems as if two people that speak from the heart say something different but that’s not so. They speak and experience a little piece of the truth.
In this way fear also throws veils over death. While that really is the most easy step to take, because it’s taken for you and you are being uplifted softly. There’s nothing to it, if we just did not fight it so much.

Fear throws veils over the truth and that’s why we remain ignorant about our essence. If indeed you became aware of your own essence than I assure you that fear does not exist anymore. It is a product of our thinking and nothing more. When you gain knowledge you understand that you are eternal and connected with all that is. Ignorance also creates the illusion of being separated, and that again gives thoughts of fear, again created in our mind.
Fear throws veils over the communication between this world and your world. It throws veils over what you wish to do, how you feel and how you wish to be. It throws veils so you start doubting, you feel cramped and there is no movement anymore. And so you keep feeling that there is something that lives inside you but you can’t or dare not bring it out. Something lives in you that you want to do, say or pass on, but you are afraid.

And the idiocy of the story is, that when you would lift these veils, it would bring you in the world that gives love. We want nothing more then that, all of us. Even though it doesn’t seem that way. Every behaviour that does not bring forth love has it’s origin in fear. It is that simple.
I am grateful that now I can experience the truth of my heart again without the veils. No illusions anymore but manifestations coming from love en truth.

Now Bon, to answer some questions. About missing a loved one on your side or missing a relationship that has ended. Nostalgia, missing that deep feeling of love and connection that someone can bring out in you. Mark my words, bring out. It is already in you, but because of the illusion that you think that someone else can bring this out in you, you wait until you find the perfect partner or you think back with melancholy of that loved one. Unfortunately our mind does not give us the full truth. The heart would say: here is what you are looking for, do you feel me? I am not outside you, but I am you.
I was only fighting against the fear instead of focussing on the love inside me, the love that had always been there. Because of the fear I kept doubting the truth that I could understand and experience in deep emotional moments. A waste of your time mmm, Bon?

Yes Dad, that was what I felt this morning from you, but at the same time also a deep knowing how crucial it is to feel that love inside me. And the moment that I bring my attention to it, I feel it too.
The next question is about the real background that causes fear?

Ignorance and unconsciousness Bon and behind that is the feeling that you get when you come to earth in a body. Then you experience the feeling of separation and in that lays the opening of fear. Besides the fact that fear has been ruling the earth for centuries and so you are subjected to the programming here on earth.
By the way there are cultures that know much less fear then those who made their mind the highest priority in life. People that are close to nature understand the flow of life and also the transitions to the next life. Their mind is being trained less in thinking, and so they listen better to the heart.
Coming back to an earlier question. If you are walking around in melancholy for happier past days then you don’t have to fight it, as I did, but bring your attention to your heart and the love that is there. Besides that you don’t have to think anything more of it. Just be with it. There is great power in the words ‘all is well’. All is well in you.
Dearest Bon, we are happy that you are going to do the recordings with Jim (English internet radio). Len is satisfied and looks at it with great attention. We are very satisfied about the fact that you are sharing it and that you open your mouth. Prick holes through the veils of fear and what do you see then? A new future full of wonderful possibilities.

Oh Dad, suddenly I have to think about the words from Len (my Scottish teacher in mediumship) who spoke about pricking holes in the veils that stand between these two worlds. And now I understand that the veil is fear, created by the mind, so it’s made out of thoughts, judgement, doubts ect….. Looking at my fears and seeing what it really is. I feel it is the right time for it. The year of courage. It also gives a feeling of excitement, going on, making next steps in courage and love.

Yes Bon, keep sharing then you are going to understand the unity and connectedness. The more you share, the more everything multiplies.

Yes Dad, yesterday I was telling that story to Hester, the one that I read about the farmer that grow the most beautiful corn on his land. The best quality corn in the whole area. And he also gave his seeds to his neighbours and all farmers around him. Someone asked him why he gave his expensive seeds away. He told them that the wind takes the pollen of the ripe corn and spreads it over all the other fields. If his neighbours grow less quality corn, then in the end it spreads over his field also. When he cares for his neighbours to have a good life, he has a good life as well.
Everything is connected. As it is also in our lives. When we share with each other and grant the other everything then it goes well with us.

Yes Bon, and amazing how we are misguided in our life by thinking that we only have to take care of ourselves and our family. For we are one family. That is what the illusion of separation is about, the fear that flows from it and the behaviour that comes from it when you see that humanity has come to the point where they are too fearful to help each other.
The land of the farmers is the same as the different countries on earth. Lets make sure that every country is doing well. And Bon, lets start small again. Take care of all those around you and grant them everything. I do really know that thoughts of jealousy, based on fear in the mind through ignorance can develop but you face them and then you see what it is…..the illusion of being separated. And then you feel your heart and you know the answer.

Thank you Dad, this was so nice again. By the way what are we going to do on February 11th when we are going to give the lecture?

Then we are together in love, sharing in love, enjoying the music in love and creating a space in love. And I would love it if Mum also would also speak.

Very nice Dad, could you be more specific?

No Bon, you should not wish to know more. Is this not enough or did I hear fear?

Hihi Dad, I smile from ear to ear. Love you.

Beautiful he Bon, how you can love someone and then can feel that love in your heart?

Yeeeeeessss Dad, I hear your message. Just start loving a lot of people. …….

And so it is Bon.

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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