January 12th

13 januari, 2016

Hi Dad,
Writing, writing, I love it so much. So beautiful the piece about perfection in the book by Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic:
“Perfection is not only the enemy of the good, but also the enemy of the realistic, the possible, and the fun. I disguises itself as a virtue but underneath is the big fear: I am not good enough and I never will be”.
And during the Sunday meeting we spoke about inspiration and being in spirit. So inspiration is the connection with the unseen, the Divine. When I connect with my own spirit and the unseen, inspiration flows automatically. It is effortless. And the other way around, inspiration makes you aware of your connection with your spirit.

Ha Bon,
Wonderful, isn’t it the reading, philosophising and writing, and beautiful how insights occur then? I always did the same and you’ve really got that from me. Now we are philosophising as well but we have more direct access to what is true and divine. Besides, you can feel that on Earth too, if worries and the twittering in your head do not distract you.
Here we philosophise as well, in groups or with each other. Sometimes with light beings that are a lot more advanced. Sometimes with light beings whose light may shine even more. The truth brings you to the light and you can experience that here and on Earth. It is even visible in the eyes of the other and in your own eyes. How much light shines outward? We are all beings of light but in many people the light is veiled by deceptions in their thinking and their creations.
We are being taught here by a next level of light. I learn here, as I already said on Earth, how I can move myself with my thoughts and how I can create with my thoughts. These are thoughts that are supported by the heart, by love and truth. Although here we can also create things that are not loving or light. Luckily that is another realm. On Earth everything is intertwined. And you know what, Bon, in the end we all grow towards even more light and that is the universal truth. You can be really lost but that means that there is always a way out, towards authenticity.

Yes Dad, beautiful. Just like one’s doubt also indicates that you can have an inner unconditional knowing. Actually duality shows in a beautiful way Dad, that there are always two sides. That you will always go from dark to light: from night to day, from doubt to knowing, from wandering to arrival. So if you are in wander, doubt or darkness then you know you have to move in a different direction, right?
“Yes Bon, the beauty of this is that there is no judgement about where you are. Both are the same but an opposite form of manifestation. With both it is about the beauty of experience and creation. The two sides are about how you encounter this beauty of experience and creation. Unconsciously or consciously.
Dad, do you have duality there like there is here on Earth?

A bit different Bon, and also a bit more difficult for me to explain. You know what, Bon, here it would feel very differently when you end up in a horrible situation in which you are killed for example but immediately you understand that that is not possible. Here too there are beings that want to hurt each other but that is simply impossible. It happens but it is impossible. Someone just gets up again. So you can see it being manifested but it is just not real. Do you understand what I mean, Bon?
There is infinite light here with areas where darkness can rule by manifestation of the creatures there, but it is surrounded by infinite light.

Yes Dad, now I understand. Pretty image as well. Duality is something that appears to be real but is not real in the bigger picture. That is the same here on Earth but here not all of us are convinced that life continues and that you cannot really die. But the sad thing is that then you miss the loved ones that are still on Earth. Don’t you miss that?

When you come out of created darkness and fear and then suddenly fully come into light and love, there is not a great part of you that wants to go back and therefore you don’t miss it. However, I do feel overwhelming love for you, more than I was able to feel on Earth. That creates a direct connection instead of a feeling of separation. Since you are all still living in that duality, which is accompanied with fear and separation, you feel and experience a deeper sense of loss. When you come out of the darkness, the pain of loss will also be gone.
The beautiful thing is Bon, that when you increase love it replaces many other feelings.

Ah yes, Dad. Thanks. I enjoyed it again.

Bye dear Bon, and tell mum that I love her very much. More than I was able on Earth. I had little self-love and therefore I couldn’t give enough either. When you have too little you search for it outside yourself, so make sure you give enough self-love;-). To yourself that is!

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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