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4 april, 2016

Hi Dad,

I wanted to write a piece for Laura’s book on suicide. I know we have talked about this before, but I would like to hear some opinions on this subject from the Unseen World once more.

“Hi Bon, glad to hear you say the word ‘opinions’, for various opinions is exactly what we have here. Which has to do with your level of consciousness, what you can understand about it.
Let’s start with the ideas about suicide that you have on Earth; some say it’s everyone’s free choice, others say it’s a deadly sin. That when you arrive here in the Unseen World, you will suffer; have regrets or have to do penance for it. And many people’s opinions and judgements lie somewhere in between these two ideas.
First, let me tell you this: every human being, every soul is a variation of the Divine. Next; it is important to understand that you arrive in a world of love, without judgement or denouncement for your deeds on Earth. There are many reasons why a person would end his or her life. Sometimes it has been determined before your life on Earth, so there is no question of a premature ending. Sometimes life on Earth is just too heavy for someone, the soul simply finds it too difficult to live. And sometimes circumstances bring such pressure on a person that one can end his life in a moment of mindlessness. And lastly; sometimes people just kill themselves without an apparent reason.
However, since life is infinite, essentially it is impossible to end a life. You can end your life on Earth though, and end all the things you wanted to do, learn and create there.
Everything we do, however awful and painful for those who are left behind, is an opportunity to grow in love. We cannot always see that while on Earth. Though there are people that draw great strength from the challenges on Earth.
In every life there are highs and lows…. In the lows you feel and experience life completely different than in the highs, when you are literally on top of the world. In both cases you live on Earth, but the feeling is completely different.”

“Let me tell you what happens when you come here after suicide. First of all there is a wave of love, true love, healing love, all-embracing love. Suicide is a form of lack of self-love. Sometimes the soul asked for this lesson, or is the lesson meant to be for others to grow. In any case; we cannot judge this from the Earthly point of view.
You are being overwhelmed with love to remember your essence. So that you’ll remember the meaning of your life. Sometimes you have accomplished your mission on Earth. Sometimes you might feel regretful for not having finished everything. And sometimes there is regret for the consequences of your deed for the ones who stay behind. But it is not true that people who commit suicide go to so-called ‘hell’! Actually, often you come from hell on Earth to a world of love and forgiveness.
I used the sports game metaphor earlier; some win, some get injured, others give up and quit the game too soon. No big deal… Life is eternal, you’ll have more chances.”

So beautiful Dad. I remember a reading with a woman who wanted to forgive her brother who had killed himself. She told me that many of her relatives were mad at him, but she saw his courage and wanted to forgive him.  What happened next was so special; his love grew so strong and so did his light.
She could physically feel his presence in the room. Seldom I felt more love between two human beings. He thanked her for her light and her prayers.

Yes Bon, sometimes people that end their life feel the emotions and thoughts of those who are left behind. Emotions switching from sadness to frustration, from feeling powerless to relief. And sometimes also fear that they might be in a dark place now. Believe me Bon, hell is nothing more than a thought, a makeup of the mind. The mind is capable of manifesting heaven or hell though. But behind all that is the greater Love. The Love in which we all have freedom of choice in what we want to create. And the choice is creating your life on Earth as much as it is ending it. Yes, I know, on Earth this is unthinkable, even punishable. And that while we all preach free will and free choice….

There are many forms of ending life on Earth. Eternal life cannot be ended. There are very conscious and very developed people, Yogi’s, that decide for themselves when the shed their body and move on. And some souls end their journey to Earth as early as in the womb. Also here, there are many reasons to do so.
So as you see, this question cannot be answered unambiguously. It is important to realise that you simply don’t have the ability to judge, because you have never walked in another men’s shoes and you don’t know his choices.
I can tell you though that here they come in the world of love, without judgement. Here they can either decide to continue to support and help their loved ones on Earth in their process of growth, or chose to learn another lesson themselves. This new lesson doesn’t have to take place on Earth. There are much more variations than you can imagine.

Nice Dad, and it makes me think of the book ‘The afterlife of Billy Fingers’. A drug addict dies and then starts giving beautiful messages to his sister. In these he tells her there is no Karma, no judgement, but that he learned to feel so much love for himself.

“Yes Bon, and the most important thing is to remember them with love. That goes for everyone by the way, including those that have hurt you in life. It’s all part of the game. Forgiving yourself and loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. On Earth and here at Home. Though it is much easier here, where you have overview and you understand so much more than in your limited Earthly judgemental thinking.
When you have lost someone by suicide, remember them with love. Give yourself time and space to mourn, be angry, be sad. And then find yourself again, find your strength, your power to forgive, your power to love.
Unfortunately the judgement on Earth remains limited, but when you see and understand this, you can see life with so much more trust. Life is bigger than you are, bigger than Earth. It is eternal and everlasting.”

Thank you Dad.

​You are more than welcome to share these messages.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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