Mission, truth and singing in the unseen world.

maart 26, 2016

Hi Dad, We have had another beautiful night about the messages you share with us. I do want to come back to two questions. One was if it was possible that part of the soul still resides in the unseen world and brings back the part that is here in a body premature? And the other from someone who asked why I don’t just get this from my own soul because that is also all-knowing. Hi Bon, It was a good night indeed, as we were there. It is true… Lees meer

Consciously and fully present choose for the Light in you and in the other

maart 23, 2016

Dad, tomorrow I am again giving a reading about our communications and it’s Maundy Thursday, but with these attacks yesterday in Brussels I really wanted to hear from you. The meeting yesterday evening was also very special, I could feel the energy of Gandhi so clearly. He spoke of how important it is to choose every day and fully aware for light and love. When we do so, the doors to the unseen world will open to help us. He said that they are able then to give us the… Lees meer

A new message about yourself – March 18th

maart 21, 2016

Change your way of reporting, the way you think about yourself, and you change your experience… Dad, all those new positive initiatives of inspiring people here on earth make me so happy. Yet we hear so little of them. We often hear negative reports in the news but so many people are already awake and awakening to do good on earth and to change the tide. It makes me think about your previous text about advertising love. Advertising each other and beautiful inspiring initiatives. However, I also see that people… Lees meer

The path and the 7 currents of fear. – March 8th

maart 7, 2016

Sorry Dad, I couldn’t write last week. Not even on your birthday. This flu I had, was quite stubborn , I haven’t been sick like that in years. And oh, how much trouble do I have with surrender. Even to the flu.… It is a pattern in my whole life; while you told me lately the plan would unfold itself, I am too impatient and then I start trying to force things. Today I saw a beautiful image of the path I am meant to go. Sometimes the road will… Lees meer

February 23th: The 7 insights.

februari 23, 2016

Hi Dad, what are the 7 most important insights you got since you have been there in the spiritworld? Hi Bon, nice question. Here are the answers. 1. Live goes on. I did already know this but on earth you always have this voice of doubt in you. Until you are here. Then you see how often this voice of doubt has kept you from the truth and from everything that you already knew. The voice of fear, that maybe you are wrong after all. And because of that we… Lees meer

February 18th

februari 22, 2016

Hi Dad. Hi Bon. I’ve been meaning to ask how you are, but I can already see… by the colours around you. Lots of blue, for various forms of communication, but I see darker shades of blue as well. You are worrying too much. That is also a form of communication, but often without the answers you are looking for. Racking your brain literally racks your brain, it narrows your mind. So I am glad you’ve decided to talk to me, so together we can lighten things up a bit…. Lees meer

February 15th

februari 18, 2016

Hi Dad, did you love the lecture about our conversations last Thursday as much as I did? So much magic happened! And how beautiful it was to feel you so close all evening, and how you and everyone there from the Unseen World answered questions. Yes Bon, we were all very content. Did you notice how fast time went? Not only was the room full of humans, but also were there a lot of us from the Unseen World present to see how it would work out, to hear the… Lees meer

January 31th

januari 31, 2016

Hi Dad, Tell me…. What is there to tell Bon, what you don’t know already. You can get access to this knowing when you are still and listen with your heart and your soul. Knowledge is so close by and therefore it seems so far away. Because the mind does not understand this it will always search outside itself for all the answers, while in reality it is already there, inside. Beautiful Dad, I have questions. First this documentary Cowspiracy about cattle farming and the meat industry. Many problems would… Lees meer

January 24th

januari 26, 2016

Dad, that was beautiful this morning, how you spoke about fear at our Sunday meeting. I know we already spoke about this before, but your words today were beautiful again. The last conversation was about fear too. Can you repeat one more time what you said exactly this morning. Yes dear Bon, and how difficult you find it during the Sunday meetings to allow me to talk through you. I understand, but here is a good example of doubt or fear that plays a game inside you. And it hinders… Lees meer

January 12th

januari 13, 2016

Hi Dad, Writing, writing, I love it so much. So beautiful the piece about perfection in the book by Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic: “Perfection is not only the enemy of the good, but also the enemy of the realistic, the possible, and the fun. I disguises itself as a virtue but underneath is the big fear: I am not good enough and I never will be”. And during the Sunday meeting we spoke about inspiration and being in spirit. So inspiration is the connection with the unseen, the Divine…. Lees meer

Introduction & August Messages

december 14, 2015
Introduction & August Messages

On the 28th of July 2015 my dad passes quietly and suddenly into the spirit world. He goes back home, to his Creator. He lays on his bed and my mom tells him that there’s no guilt in the hereafter. On that moment he folds his hands and says: “That”s good to know”. Closes his eyes and goes Home! 20 years before he founded the Foundation Oahspe with the goal to inform and educate people in Spiritualism and to let them experience that there’s life after death. When he was a student he… Lees meer

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