The plan is Love and everything moves herein

november 13, 2016

Hi Dad, a question for you all from a reader: ‘Something inside tells me that on soul-level you make certain agreements with your Creator before returning to Earth. Agreements to experience and to learn, but do you also agree upon a time to return Home? And is it possible that through time, when you have the feeling that there is still so much more to learn and to give,  that you can ask for extension of your time on Earth? I hope that an answer may and can be given…. Lees meer


november 9, 2016

Hi Dad, I got a question for you about self-healing: ‘I have a question for your father and his group about self-healing. I have read some of your conversations and I know you have spoken of this subject before. But still, I want to ask you this. The recovery, the healing of my body, this process goes impossibly slow. I have a sense there might be something to speed it up, but I don’t know what. So my question is; what are the best and most beautiful ways of self-healing,… Lees meer

The journey of lives

oktober 13, 2016

Wow Dad, I have not felt or heard from you in a long time and now you get a little closer the last couple of days. Tell me, what have you been up to? Where have you been lately? Hi dear Bon, I made a lifetime trip. Literally and figuratively I made trips in several lives. This might sound complicated, so I will try to explain. The idea that a life only lasts a certain given time only exists in the physical world. I have seen different lives, rolls and… Lees meer

The twilight of our thoughts

september 29, 2016

Hi Dad, what a special book by Dannion Brinkley, who has had 3 near death experiences. I find it so special to read these stories, and what is so beautiful, is that these people completely lose their fear of death. He also talks about the twilight zone in the unseen world. You too spoke about that before. Can you please tell me more about it? “Hi Bon. Yes I will. As Dannion wrote it is how you can see it. As I told you before there are mental constructions in… Lees meer

One year ago

juli 27, 2016

Hi Dad, Tomorrow it will be exactly a year ago…… This week I had a flashback of my first day here in Bellwald last year. Nout and I were having dinner on the balcony when all telephones started ringing. You went Home in peace. An indescribable shake went through my body, there was unbelieve in my mind. This could not be true, I had called mum just an hour before and everything was allright. It was a normal day, all was ok. And suddenly you left. Well, that’s how life… Lees meer

Enjoy life and be present

juli 13, 2016

Hi Dad, How are you? Funny, when I think of you I know you are far away and yet, when I focus on my heart you feel so close. Those are the veils of our thoughts aren’t they? And my thinking brings me to my memories and then I feel such a distance, while when I become still and we just talk you are so close and present. It is strange Dad. Hi Bon, yes, that’s how it is, exactly as you say it. Thinking takes you farther from Home…. Lees meer

Three steps to a lighter life

juli 11, 2016

Hi dearest Dad, For sure you followed the conversation that I had with a reader.  She asked for information about how she herself could make a connection with you and  if her life could be a bit more airy and lighter…. I also notice that the heaviness of life can be pretty forceful for many people. What to do than? And can we do something with it Dad? In other words, how  can we deal with the heaviness in our lifes and how can we make it lighter? Hi dearest… Lees meer

Abundance & Trust

juni 10, 2016

Hi Dad, I feel the need to write you. Yesterday Yvette gave me a beautiful soul reading. A soul reading, combined with Archangels, such beautiful knowledge of angels. The theme was abundance; my thoughts, illusions and fears regarding this. My lesson is to return to my deep awareness of abundance, to really trust that I am taken care of, just as everybody else on Earth. Because I started thinking in shortage, and I exactly remember the moment, I created shortage in my life myself. The threat of a big lawsuit… Lees meer

The Clouds of attachment and programming.

mei 30, 2016
The Clouds of attachment and programming.

Today after the morning session during the Life-initiations week in Swiss, the following message came from my father. The subjects of that morning were attachments and conditionings that could hinder us in life. Ha Bon, yes we are here with you and we would like to add something to this subject. We want to let you feel the love and oneness, which we truly are. The love here is so great that we don’t miss you, but we are really connected. Love is synonymous with freedom. It’s like the Source,… Lees meer

Suicide part 2: I want to go in love

mei 20, 2016

Hi Dad, first I will explain to our readers what happened today because of our first article on suicide and what your perspective from the unseen world on this subject is. This morning I had an appointment to call Sterre. She told me she has always had a vision that her life would end around this age. She told me her time on Earth was done, but that she wanted to leave in love. She had read our article and the words resonated with everything inside her. About the unseen… Lees meer


mei 14, 2016

Hi Dad, Soulmates; tell me more about it. Yes I know we have talked about it earlier, but I’d like to hear some more. And besides, I cannot find the other conversation anymore… “Hi Bon, Soulmates…. First I want you to feel, really feel. How does it feel when I should tell you that soulmates do exist?” Ok Dad, first I felt happiness, directly followed by some feeling of shortage, of absence. Like I’m lacking a soulmate right now. Further I feel sort of feverish, even dissatisfied, and all kinds… Lees meer

Discovering your inner light.

mei 9, 2016

So Dad, I took a little break. And the translators can’t keep up either ; ) I have a question. I feel that I am able to choose for love and trust more firmly, but I am in many different ways being tested in this. Feeling someone else’s fear, worrying about 1 of my children and the fear for the future through the media. “Ha Bon, that is not a question but that is a statement.  I am happy that  you realise this. Yes, sometimes you have to be firm… Lees meer

​Believe in the very best.

april 14, 2016

I feel your presence but feel no words yet. What do you wish to tell me Dad? It is strange, when I am still and wait for what’s coming, I also experience feelings of restlessness. And when I let my mind wander off, I worry, about the time we live in and about the people around me. I get worried. Even now that I do understand that when it really comes from you, yourself and the group you work with, there is no fear at all. I can see events… Lees meer

Punishment and reward.

april 7, 2016

Hi Dad, During the reading in Amersfoort you brought up the subject of rewarding and punishing. Can you repeat that once again? I think it is beautiful to pass on. Yes Bon, we told you that punishment has never made anyone a better person. It stops you from growing, learning and enjoying. It may seem momentary, but it does not bring us closer to our essence. We move further from it. The idea on Earth that punishment would work is based on the illusion of separation. When you punish yourself… Lees meer

Insight on suicide

april 4, 2016

Hi Dad, I wanted to write a piece for Laura’s book on suicide. I know we have talked about this before, but I would like to hear some opinions on this subject from the Unseen World once more. “Hi Bon, glad to hear you say the word ‘opinions’, for various opinions is exactly what we have here. Which has to do with your level of consciousness, what you can understand about it. Let’s start with the ideas about suicide that you have on Earth; some say it’s everyone’s free choice,… Lees meer

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