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Heaven’s Talk – English blogs

Hi…great to see you here on this page. Here you can find all the English Blogs also about the communication with my father. You can also find them now in the book Heaven’s Talk.
You can read the introduction about the beginning of these spiritmessages.

​Love Bonnie


About Joy and Pleasure

september 6, 2018

Last week, I spent some days in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes with my College of Life’s colleagues… Every day we aligned to our invisible Board of Directors. Normally, often we ask ourselves; ‘what do I want, what do we want as teachers in the College’? This week we asked you; ‘what do you want us to do, what are your intentions with the College’? And you gave us beautiful inspirations, as well as very practical guidelines. What I want to talk to you about Dad, is Joy. For this also… Lees meer

Boredom, following your hearts potential and more….

januari 28, 2018

Hi Dad, It has been a while…. I know you are currently communicating more with Willemijn (my sister), but I just wanted to check how you are doing. Funny, somehow I get a feeling you might get bored up there….. Haha Bon, that is funny indeed, but no, boredom is not the case here. How could I be bored when there is so much to do and to explore, so much more than on Earth for there is no fear that something bad might come of it. Think of all… Lees meer

about Dementia

december 14, 2017

Hi Dad and the group, I would like to ask you about dementia, how it starts, how it progresses etc… “Hi Bon, First of all; congratulations on the launch of your book about our conversations! We are very content with it. At this time we are inspiring your sister Willemijn on specific subjects. But that does not mean you and I will not be communicating anymore! However, you already felt a shift in our contact, and also felt that the contact with your own guide Tinto became stronger again. So… Lees meer

About loneliness

augustus 20, 2017

Oh Dad, for 2 weeks now I am hearing this subject singing in my head and only now have the time and the peace to start listening. “Yes Bon, this is an important subject on Earth as many people become acquainted with loneliness at a very young age. A loneliness that, seen in the right light, shouldn’t be there but it is fully existing on Earth. A lot of people do not feel connected, they feel separated from others and them-selves. And here lays the crux, separated from your self,… Lees meer

About Healing

juli 11, 2017

Hi Brother-and Sisterhood of Light, I would love to receive your input about healing. I know that we are still missing a link about everything that is already known about healing. You have given inspiration through my Dad before and this Autumn Yvette and I are going to start a training Healing & Consciousness. I know that we need to become a lot more aware of something so we become much more attuned to our self- healing aspect in ourselves. Dear Bonnie, Many people on Earth are being inspired by… Lees meer

About Love

juli 4, 2017

Hi Dad and the Brotherhood of Light, I really think the most important thing on Earth is love. We all want it so badly. But reality shows that we spend so little time on it and that we are seduced to loving on conditions only. “Hi Bon, Oh yes, I believe love is one of the most complex issues on Earth, yet it is the most simple subject here, for it all comes down to only one force and that is Love. Earth also exist through that force by the… Lees meer

Life in the world unseen

mei 1, 2017

Hi Dad, tell me… “Yes Bon, life in the unseen world. Remember the book by Antonie Borgia who wrote about life in the Unseen World? I can assure you he was right and there are so many more possibilities here. We want to tell you about our life here. Just like you are living on Earth, we live here and others live elsewhere, but Life is the theme we all have in common.  Everything is alive, moving, growing and changing. But let’s start at the beginning. To die is not… Lees meer

Ask and it will be given or not?

maart 18, 2017

Every doubt, unless it serves as sincere inquiry, is a distraction of the present moment. Every doubt about which way to go is a loss of trust in Love and the Big Source. Good morning Dad and the Brotherhood of Light, How lovely, what a blessing, that I may connect with you and then feel this enormous shower of Love going through me. I feel so much gratitude and emotions. This comes out of nowhere. It’s good to have this conversation again and every time I notice that the answers… Lees meer

Creation on the canvas of LOVE

februari 11, 2017

Hi dear Dad, and all of you from the Brotherhood of Light. Last Sunday was again a beautiful session in which I felt all of your presence and I could transmit some of your messages. One question, and your response to it, struck me, and raised a whole lot of other questions. It was a question about fear and seeing evil spirits as a child and about cleansing houses and removing dark entities from people. And how this actually works, in the light of you saying fear and all attached… Lees meer

Expectations, cigarettes and illusions.

januari 26, 2017

“When my body died, I survived. My I, my soul, just lived on. So is death reality or was it an illusion that I believed in?” Hi Dad and the group, Is it true that you are a part of the brotherhood of Light, the White Brotherhood? “Yes Bon, that’s right. All souls  that have allied themselves to inspire the people on Earth to bring  more light, in their own lives, in someone else’s or just in general are part of this group. Ware a large group consisting of many… Lees meer

Christmas Eve 2016

december 24, 2016

Dear people, dear guides and keepers of the Light in de Unseen World. These days it is hard for me to think of positive messages for the Holidays, knowing that so many people are suffering. People who are lonely or ill, who have lost a loved one, who live in a country in war, who are depressed. So many people have good reasons to be unhappy during the holidays. What message can you give in these time, other than a message of love and showing us that you are near?… Lees meer

Beyond universal

december 8, 2016

Hi Dad and the group, I would like to turn to all of you because recently I often hear other influences during our conversations. How does that work Dad? Yes Bon, you are right. Because I have a clear line with you and you can hear me loud and clear I may be the voice for many. Some subjects ask to be viewed and answered from an area of even more overview and truth. Through me the answers of others are transferred to you.  Seems clumsy to me Dad, I… Lees meer

The plan is Love and everything moves herein

november 13, 2016

Hi Dad, a question for you all from a reader: ‘Something inside tells me that on soul-level you make certain agreements with your Creator before returning to Earth. Agreements to experience and to learn, but do you also agree upon a time to return Home? And is it possible that through time, when you have the feeling that there is still so much more to learn and to give,  that you can ask for extension of your time on Earth? I hope that an answer may and can be given…. Lees meer


november 9, 2016

Hi Dad, I got a question for you about self-healing: ‘I have a question for your father and his group about self-healing. I have read some of your conversations and I know you have spoken of this subject before. But still, I want to ask you this. The recovery, the healing of my body, this process goes impossibly slow. I have a sense there might be something to speed it up, but I don’t know what. So my question is; what are the best and most beautiful ways of self-healing,… Lees meer

The journey of lives

oktober 13, 2016

Wow Dad, I have not felt or heard from you in a long time and now you get a little closer the last couple of days. Tell me, what have you been up to? Where have you been lately? Hi dear Bon, I made a lifetime trip. Literally and figuratively I made trips in several lives. This might sound complicated, so I will try to explain. The idea that a life only lasts a certain given time only exists in the physical world. I have seen different lives, rolls and… Lees meer