February 23th: The 7 insights.

23 februari, 2016

Hi Dad, what are the 7 most important insights you got since you have been there in the spiritworld?

Hi Bon, nice question. Here are the answers.

1. Live goes on. I did already know this but on earth you always have this voice of doubt in you. Until you are here. Then you see how often this voice of doubt has kept you from the truth and from everything that you already knew. The voice of fear, that maybe you are wrong after all. And because of that we do not try enough on earth, because what if………We do not live fully.

2. That fear does not exist in reality but is created in our mind. When you not only realise this, but can also really live through this, you will perceive that fear no longer has a hold on you. Fear pulls you into a dream while you are alive.
And we are here to live, to really live. Not living half a life, but deeply feel why you came to earth and what you wanted to manifest here. Do not let fear hold you back, have courage. Regret arises when you have not done what you really wanted to do. Regret also arises when you act from fear and not from love.

3. That love may always be the guidance in your life. This is a natural result from the 2nd insight. You will realise that when fear is no longer ruling you but you rule fear, there will be so much space for love in your life. And then I mean self-love, love for your family and love for everyone and everything around you. A spectacle of love-filled manifestation and freedom. Love is without fear and thus free, joyful and includes all and everyone. It does not matter for love if you are together or not. If you walk your own path and sometimes meet each other also does not matter for love. And it also does not matter for love if your love goes out to more people then one. Love does not know the word exclusive. Love is greatest when you know self-love. Love does not hurt, only the lack of love hurts.

4. Here, guilt does not exist. You are not judged. You are not punished. You will look at your own life and you will feel loving with regards to it. What you did right according to you, what affect your actions had on others and how much love you could feel. With regards to this it can seem very different on earth then you think. You look at it but you do not judge. You will decide to do something different or, maybe to put something straight on earth. Also you can help a family member, or express sorrow. Sometimes when you where so distracted by fear on earth and you hurt your loved ones, you take time here on this side, to put that right. We feel it when we are forgiven by people on earth and that is freedom and love from the highest order.

5. We have not forgotten you and we try to make contact. We do not miss you. We feel an unbelievable amount of love for you and that is why the connection stays. We try to comfort you and make you feel where we are. Sometimes soon after we pass, you feel an intense feeling of rest and softness. That’s us. Sometimes unexplainably, you hear our song, a bird comes close, lights go on or of in your house or a butterfly lands on your hand… all that is us. To make you aware that we are still there, in another form but we are still a part of your life. Oh yes…. and it is really possible for everyone on earth to feel and hear us. Love is a bridge that stands above every earthly form of communication. The more you activate that in you, the more you feel your loved ones. And that is not a fantasy.

6. That we as humans create a lot more then we are aware of. Daily we create as humans. Centuries we create as humans. Long ago, in the now and in the future we create worlds. Worlds of convictions, lifestyles and perceptions. Together we create and alone we create. We create unconscious and conscious, with fear or in love. Everything in you shows itself in your outside world. Many choices are already made and daily you make new ones. Become aware of this, of your creative power. Thus we all create a story with the power of imagination.

7. That you are loved intensely. When I passed over to this world, I became intensely aware of how much you are loved. What a lovely balm that is. You are released from all your insecurities and absurdities due to this. I have never seen how healing love can be till I came here. Then you don’t need hospitals anymore. You feel alone on earth? That’s in your mind because you are never alone. There are so many people, angels, loved ones, gods and light beings that send love to you, every moment again. It’s the light that surrounds you. Take the time to start experience this.
And Bon, what do you think about this?

Nice Dad and I wish and hope that we all may realise this deep realisation. Preferably now, when we are here on earth. It will without doubt also raise questions, but I can feel that this is right.

Yes Bon, and sometime the questions are being raised because the voice of doubt wants to put something in boxes and wants to judge. Not bad, but sometimes a waist of your time.
Have courage, Bon.

Thank you Dad, this brings tears to my eyes. It’s so nice to be able to feel this love, although I am conscious of the fact that I am only feeling a small fragment of the whole. And I want to have the courage to be more aware of my fears, that I don’t ignore them, but to be aware when I don’t follow my heart but follow the path of someone else or of social perceptions. I will be courageous Dad.
And everything you give is basically nothing new.

That’s right Bon, it touches your memory. That’s why it’s not new.

Thank you Dad.

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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