February 18th

22 februari, 2016

Hi Dad.

Hi Bon. I’ve been meaning to ask how you are, but I can already see… by the colours around you. Lots of blue, for various forms of communication, but I see darker shades of blue as well. You are worrying too much. That is also a form of communication, but often without the answers you are looking for. Racking your brain literally racks your brain, it narrows your mind. So I am glad you’ve decided to talk to me, so together we can lighten things up a bit.

Oh thanks Dad, yes the puzzling and worrying…. Today I gave a workshop in the Life Initiations course, the one about Air. The challenge to invert one’s ‘lower thinking’, the negative thoughts, to ‘higher thoughts’, more uplifting and positive ones. Actually Dad, I am curious how you think of life’s ordeals now, which I describe in my book ‘On my way to enlightment’ and what your opinion is about how to deal with them.

My dear Bon, you can see and feel yourself how people deal with them, how much lighter the thoughts of the people around you are becoming. The more positive your thoughts, the more you are capable of really hearing the truth. On the other hand, you literally feel how heavy your head becomes when your thoughts are heavy, negative and fearful. When you think of love, it’s as if you turn on the light in yourself. But on Earth, it indeed is a challenge not to be tugged into fear, struggle, negativity, and especially the feeling of separation.
I also see a lot of yellow around you Bon, which is because you are always so curious, always investigating stuff. I know that all too well, I was exactly like you. Always searching, investigating, studying. But look out for the pitfall….. always looking out for things means you are not in the present. You are searching, looking beyond instead of seeing what is right in front of you. Your loved ones for example…. Curiosity is a virtue, but I often forgot the people around me that I loved. So pay attention Bon….

Yes Dad, I fully understand and feel what you are saying. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll look after that. But there is só much that I want to do and discover. So many beautiful things still to explore, so much more light that I want to spread around.

Hm, an idealist… just like your dad. And still… you know what I mean. Take your time just to BE. Not to listen to us, not to try to catch the inspiration, but just to be at home, be with you family. Ah, now I see some red colour coming haha.

Haha Dad! Change of subject please. I’ve had some questions about the tunnel, which you supposedly go through when you die. Does everyone go through the tunnel? And why? And what if you don’t?

The tunnel Bon, is the change in velocity you experience when moving through the dimensions. It’s not so much a place, as it is a feeling of speed. Not everyone will experience it as a tunnel though. It can also be a white light, or simply waking up in a place of infinite Love. When I left my body I very quickly moved to a beautiful place in nature. I always loved nature, as you know, so that is where Ï went first. I also saw people I loved. Whatever direction your love flows is what you will see. Then you’ll vision expands, so you see more, understand more than only your Earthly life. Don’t you notice Bon, that when you feel more love, your world grows?

Beautifully said Dad, and yes, hearing that I can connect the dots.

It is just the same here. Sometimes we see only a little part, because we don’t let love in. On Earth we are programmed that love is scary and that it will hurt you. So in the beginning you’ll have to get used to all the love present here. Luckily, there is so much love and light here, that very soon you start to see more clearly. So you can view your life on Earth with compassion and love. And you will see the bigger picture and how you fit in. There are so many forms of life, apart from the one we belong to. It is difficult to explain. I told you before about the cells in your body, that each time you can decide to be another cell, whether in a toe, or in a hair, of wherever. It is beautiful that here we can see and remember the bigger view, what you on Earth as a cell meant for the whole body.
And then life goes on, in all its possibilities. So it’s not just a place, there are endless places and possibilities.

Can you see what is going on here Dad?

Yes Bon, I can. And I see it more clearly then when I still was on Earth. I can see you, your thoughts, and also the colours we talked about earlier. They all give me information about you, how you feel and think. And I also can see your essence, and the lights of all people on Earth. Bye sweet Bon, enough for now.

Suddenly I remember the bedtime stories you used to tell me when I was little… Now you are telling me beautiful stories again…. Bye Dad.

“Bye Bon.”

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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