February 15th

18 februari, 2016

Hi Dad, did you love the lecture about our conversations last Thursday as much as I did? So much magic happened! And how beautiful it was to feel you so close all evening, and how you and everyone there from the Unseen World answered questions.

Yes Bon, we were all very content. Did you notice how fast time went? Not only was the room full of humans, but also were there a lot of us from the Unseen World present to see how it would work out, to hear the information you shared. And the room was also filled with loved ones from the people in the audience. Many people felt or heard them, although their critical voice and thoughts kept creating veils between what they felt and saw. The moment you create those barriers it becomes more difficult for us to keep the connection. I really like the remark made by your friend, that now that she quit asking herself if it all were true or not, she experiences things she cannot explain or rationalise. And that is the essence! Set aside the veils, step over the barriers of your critical mind. It will let you experience more than you will be able to explain.

Yes Dad, nice. What I also liked is that one person who said he heard nothing he didn’t know already.

Yes, that is because it all is already in your memories. Besides, it is possible that you hear something that doesn’t echo within. Which doesn’t mean it is not real. I found out there is so much more than you can even imagine. So it is true that there is nothing new in what we tell you, but the next step is to stay in clarity. As you very well know, sometimes you fall back in confusion, you get lost in the mazes of your mind and you start doubting everything. As a result you keep going round in the same old circles.
The trick is to deviate from your routine, to take a step on a new path. That will be challenging, refreshing. But you’ll need a certain alertness not to take the same route over and again.
You see this pattern also in conflict, or in wondering what is true; we keep reacting the same old way. You need awareness to change your reactions.

Nice story about science Bon, though I saw myself as a scientist too. I also ignored new medical ideas, especially when they did not come from regular medicine. I needed proof first! Which made me so arrogant that I set aside ideas and opinions even before examining them. Science means examination and as I said before; we consider many things on Earth miraculous, while it is just science.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to develop a different view on matters as disease, dismissal, life challenges, problems etc. Without immediately feeling resistance, without seeing it all as bad stuff, but just to sit still and observe and wonder if it really is all bad. You should try it Bon. When you have a problem, or consider something as a problem, try to turn around your thoughts and to welcome the issue. See it as a good thing. The fact that your mind is not ready to see it that way doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

I would like to ask everyone reading this to see their current problems or challenge as a welcome change, as a movement. Many of our, mostly unaware reactions are based on fear. Now I can see this, because now I’ve come to realize there is no fear, except in our thoughts.
I’m learning a lot about illness. Sickness of the body, or the mind. We doctors, during our time on Earth, we only believed in solving things. As quick as possible! We never wondered if there was a message in the disease. When someone on Earth is ill, or going through tough times, there are a lot of angels around that person. They give a constant shining light and try to bring the person back to his or her heart. And then a calmness can occur, in which the body can start healing itself, instead of thoughts of fear that cloud the healing powers of the body.
Yes Bon, Shanti is a beautiful example of surrender and calmness. That is why she is so in her light, in her love. It is so beautiful to see that from here. I can see how her spirit shines, how soft it is on her body. So the body can reprogram itself without fear or struggle. Each person deals with problems in his or her own way, and maybe one could try, move, change and grow in another way.

Tell me Dad, what about alternative medication for cancer, such as cannabis oil?

They are on the right path Bon. Back to plant life. Some diseases come forth out of thoughts. So you have to treat them with different thoughts. Some diseases come from food or chemicals, stored in the body in such concentrations that the body literally can no longer digest it. Holistic healing is the best cure, but the very first step is to wonder how bad it is that you are ill, if there is a message, if there might be an unexpected gift in it.
So, plants can bring a lot of peace and light. From here I can see so many plants spreading a beautiful light. And that light brings light to the human cells, which is the key to healing. Of course sometimes one needs a stronger cure, a chemical medicine. But they should be produced in a much cleaner way than they are now. There simply are too many side effects.

Dad, what do you think about Chemo?

I don’t think of chemo as just chemo… This also depends on the person, on his or her consciousness, thought, expectations. Sometimes it works, sometimes it only damages. So you cannot indiscriminate it, you’ll have to see it the bigger picture, the person as a whole. What is important is your faith in the cure. If you think it will benefit you, it most probably will. If you think it will only damage you, chances are big that that will happen.
So you see Bon, how important it is to look at things from different points of view. From our side in the Unseen World, we try to inspire you all to find new ways to heal with less impact on the body. As I said before, prevention is important, as is laughter. This may sound simple, and it is. But the effect is so much bigger than I ever could have imagined. Also, in the future you will discover the power of light frequency. They are already examining this, but since the money system is still so strong in the pharmaceutical industry, it might take a while…

So in other words; álways feel what is good for yóu. Never just assume the doctor is right

“Haha Bon, well thought.”

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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