Expectations, cigarettes and illusions.

26 januari, 2017

“When my body died, I survived. My I, my soul, just lived on. So is death reality or was it an illusion that I believed in?”

Hi Dad and the group,
Is it true that you are a part of the brotherhood of Light, the White Brotherhood?

“Yes Bon, that’s right. All souls  that have allied themselves to inspire the people on Earth to bring  more light, in their own lives, in someone else’s or just in general are part of this group. Ware a large group consisting of many big soul and great thinkers. It is an absolute honor and blessing to be part of this. Also the group you work with in your mediumship belongs to it. Yes Bon, our sign is a white feather and I know that a lot of readers regularly find white feathers. They are being inspired by the White Brotherhood. We ask you to pay attention to these signs. It is so beautiful once you are aware how often we inspire you, support you, carry you. To enable us to to do so you have to shift your attention from your Earthly consciousness to us. Earth also carries you, but in a different way.”

Yes, beautiful Dad. Here is a totally different question: what about drinking beer or smoking cigarettes? Seems to me that many people will ask themselves, how will it be when you are there? Did you stop smoking immediately?

“Haha Bon, you’re a joker. Ok this question has to do with the power of manifestation. Like you create on Earth, so do we here. It is different here, but for sure we can materialize all kinds of things that we wish for. The funny thing is that here your wishes change rather fast. Underlying reasons to smoke, like boredom, habit, or bodily need, disappear here quickly. Because the body no longer exists, some habits and needs disappear. The soul does not long for a cigarette. The soul longs for beauty, oneness, love and joy. Yes, we are able to eat and drink, but in our own way. And that is a much better way. As you know Bon, the power of your expectations is essential. The more you are able to expect, the more it’s possible to materialize. We create just like you, but in a different matter. You did a beautiful exercise during your workshop Bon, in which you asked people to expect specific things during that day, and most of them saw them.”

(During a workshop ‘Guides & Angels’ I asked the participants to raise their expectations, to ask for proof of their guides. And because you raise your expectations you are also in a higher level of energy and therefore able to see them. As they have discovered in quantum physics the smallest particle of matter exists only then when the investigator expects it. If he/she does not expect it, then it’s not visible. That says a lot about how we create and expect.)

“Yes Bon, so it is. It is the same when we say that the more you believe, the more you will see. Or: the more you can imagine the more you are able the see the unseen world. When you were a child you saw the (un)seen world in your imagination, only later you called it fantasy.
Do a test now: ask us to give you a sign the coming day. What sign do you want it to be? We will provide it. We would love to hear back from you what happened. We ask you to watch out for the sign in the next 24 hours…….”

Oh nice Dad, playing…….you know how I love it! I also have a personal question about the College of Life. What do you think about it?

“Well Bon, we have been the ones that gave each of you the images to start a school like that. Maybe for one more clearly than for the other, but our information was not accidental and it is growing.  What is most important, is your intention to share, even though some of you sometimes have thoughts that it’s not enough. As you know you multiply by sharing 😉
Our plan is that the College of Life, which is a part of a greater lightwave, is a haven, and an inspiration for people. All initiatives that promote love and light, are being given as insights by this big group. And by previous appointment, also by you. Every one of you goes through his/her own process in this moment and we are with you to support you. Change can be very scary, but it’s an undeniable fact, for everyone. And through changes we can help each other. Here and now in this moment you create havens in your own home where people can come to learn, to share and to be together. That is the most beautiful thing possible Bon.”

Yes Dad, for sure, it makes me so happy. It is good to hear this and nice to feel how you are inspiring us with everything we create  and we may pass on.
Ok Dad, now about the theory that this world is an illusion. You can read about this in non-dualism but also in A Course in Miracles, and I think you also talked about it earlier. It’s so frustrating to deal with pain, grieve, and all human suffering and then simply say it is all an illusion. Sometimes I just want to throw all those ideas in the toilet and flush them……

“Well-well Bon, busy now aren’t you? Listen very well:
There is a difference between something that is a dream, and the reality that you experience in the dream. As long as you are in the dream and I tell you that it’s a dream, you will tell me I am crazy. The moment you wake-up, I don’t have to tell you it was a dream. The dream can feel very real. I will not deny that. When my body died, I survived. My I, my soul, just lived on. So is death reality or was it an illusion that I believed in?”

Oh this is a beautiful one Dad, this one I can feel. Yes we think that we are going to die but we are not haha….only the body dies and we are not the body. But if I believe that I am the body then “I” die……and that’s the illusion.

“Yes Bon and this we can further explore. For sure as long as humans keep identifying themselves with their body.”

Ok….. but have we then also created this Earth with our thoughts?

“Bon, you create complete worlds on a daily basis. Just look at this past day. You were having trouble with some disturbing, restricting thoughts. That world you lived in was a world of shortage, not able to do something, not believing in yourself or in the other, etc.….. Last month you were in Australia where you met this Aboriginal woman. Then your day was magical, exiting and the earth was paradise. Even during one day Earth can be a place of hell or paradise and this example just shows you where your thoughts are and what they show you.”

Yes Dad, but does it make matter?

“Yes Bon, look what happens when many people believe in shortage. In war…..then they start creating to really manifest this, to experience it, because they believe in it.”

Yes, but then how about creating the Earth?

“Bon, Earth has matter, but your thoughts and feelings also. They create also. Maybe a world you don’t see, but it does exist. Like so many souls together create a world, or  a heavenly-body, or a universe.”

Wow, that makes me still, I have to digest this. Thank you Dad. Once again you gave me plenty to think about. But maybe I shouldn’t do that so much before I start creating worlds of illusions again.

Thank you Dad.

“You’re welcome Bon.”  

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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