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13 juli, 2016

Hi Dad,
How are you? Funny, when I think of you I know you are far away and yet, when I focus on my heart you feel so close. Those are the veils of our thoughts aren’t they? And my thinking brings me to my memories and then I feel such a distance, while when I become still and we just talk you are so close and present. It is strange Dad.

Hi Bon, yes, that’s how it is, exactly as you say it. Thinking takes you farther from Home. And since I am Home, and many of us are, it isn’t always easy to connect, because you get lost in the maze of your thoughts.
I am doing well. We are often with you all to keep inspiring you to live your lives to the fullest. Not just half, out of fear or laziness. Life is so beautiful and yet so many of you don’t live it at its fullest, which is sad.

Right Dad, we’ve heard that one before. And then I come in the area of regret and I don’t want to go there. So what is it we have to live to the fullest?

Love Bon, and sadness, and fear and anger and passion and chasing your goals and doubts and loss and…. and everything Bon! Everything is worth living. Not just half, not unaware, but really present and feeling it all.

You know Dad, I feel and understand what you’re saying and yet I don’t find it easy to explain. All is well, nothing can go wrong, so enjoy it all. That is the feeling you give me right now.

Exactly Bon, and still, we see it from a total different point of view. And I see now how I also was tempted in my mind to discuss everything I did. My thoughts led me to other places than the present, instead of what I was actually doing. People are more often present in their heads than in real life.

Ha-ha, true Dad, you were often angry and irritated. Why did you get angry so quickly anyway?

Mostly because I wasn’t happy with myself. Or I felt helpless and oppressed. What was happening rarely was the cause of my irritation, my ideas and interpretation of it were. That is how it works Bon, thinking brings you in other worlds. Worlds of how it used to be, of convictions, traumas, instincts. But also in shallow worlds or worlds of how we would want it to be. Yes, the mistake we make is not to be really present in life, not to enjoy and live through everything that comes along. Also the difficult times, the ones you think will never pass. They too will pass. But also in the beautiful moments I was not fully present. I was thinking about other things or I was occupied with my physical problems. Therefore I missed the moment, the magic of life, of being together. You can only live life when you are fully there, present. And you are only present when conscious.

Ok Dad, so enjoy everything, including all the emotions. It doesn’t always have to be all right, though I prefer that. Now I feel better, but I have been quite pre occupied for a while with everything that was going on, and especially my fear regarding it all.

You say it yourself Bon, pre occupied, not present. Just try to be totally in the feeling and to bring your attention to the presence. It will change things.

Yes Dad, so I noticed, though it can take a while. Whenever I am more present in the moment I feel better. And Dad, all the opinions about life, about everything…. It keeps us from living.

Bon, that is one of the veils between our worlds and between being together. Though I am unseen, you can feel me. Opinions and assumptions cut off even your thoughts, and that way you cannot experience the greatness of life. Because you already judged it and shoved it aside from your possible observations.

Dad, I wish for one thing. I wish everyone could experience what I feel right now. A deceased so close and perceptible. I feel the comfort and incredible beauty of it. Also, I am so happy that Mum said she starts to feel you better and better. So this does take some time to develop.

No Bon, it takes time to let go of your veils, your assumptions and presumptions. It is impossible for us to reach you through the vastness of the critical mind. The innocent heart that is open to every wonder is so much easier to reach.

I suddenly realise Dad, that in 20 years of practicing mediumship I mostly have learned how close it is. I searched and practiced and learned and eventually I came back to what I already knew and was capable of. It is such a natural thing for us humans to connect and communicate and my wish is for everyone to experience that.

We do our best Bon. You just have to clean up your mind and your thoughts and open your heart so we can reach it. But most of the times people already slammed the door of their heart through all kinds of diverting and judgemental thoughts. But together we’ll get there. In time. Trust. Believe. Because when you start to believe, you will experience.

Thank you Dad, for your presence and your energy which makes me feel so alive and present too.
<3 Bon

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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