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9 mei, 2016

So Dad, I took a little break. And the translators can’t keep up either ; )
I have a question. I feel that I am able to choose for love and trust more firmly, but I am in many different ways being tested in this. Feeling someone else’s fear, worrying about 1 of my children and the fear for the future through the media.

“Ha Bon, that is not a question but that is a statement.  I am happy that  you realise this. Yes, sometimes you have to be firm to choose for love and trust, although there are many  temptations to keep you from it. Through words, feelings and deeds. Still you may stay with your poem “I keep believing” *.  Nothing wrong with that. But it is necessary to do this with loving firmness and not fighting. I also recognise this , because when someone got in my way I became annoyed, even when I knew it was for a higher aim.
Your lesson is also to keep loving, especially yourself and towards yourself. Yes you can think, let everybody talk, I go my own way. But do not keep hurting yourself about how you could or should have done it differently. Because then you secretly are being pulled back on to the path of fear.”

Haha yes, doubt brings you also on that path. It’s special Dad, how it all went with my son Nout. I was worried about him going to this exchange program in China and you told me that everything would change because of China. Well; upon arrival immediately he gets this old violent problems with his body, which resulted in feeling homesick. I was asking myself in the last 5 days if everything you told me was right, because Nout had such a horrible time. And yesterday he decided to change his mind and now he is going along again. It was like a kind of initiation ritual.

“Yes Bon, now you see how wafer-thin trust can be. I didn’t say it would be great for him, I said that there were going to be many changes,  and boys of his age need these old initiation rituals. All of a sudden they have to do everything themselves and they discover that their mind can cause heaven or hell. And that’s what he has experienced now. A beautiful step in consciousness and strength.  It is in these short moments that a human becomes aware of their power of creation again.
In this modern time children are getting other initiation-moments as than in the past. It is a fact that you discover your own light and strength through your challenges. How else?”
Yes Dad, I understand.
“Like your Mum beautifully says: “Nobody said it would be nice on Earth”. However, when you are able to hold on to your trust, love and light in your darkest moments, only then you will experience the strength of your own light”.
And why do we have to learn this, Dad?
“Because it’s there, because you create it, because you really become aware of the light when it is dark around you, because you are free to choose your existence and creation, because through the body you may experience your soul and then you awake from the dream”.
Hihi, this really makes me giggle. So nice, the feeling that flows from these words. Lovingly, non-judgemental and playful. Even though I cannot understand it with my mind, my heart jumps with joy.
“Bye Bon”.
Bye Dad.

​ “I keep believing”:
I keep believing
I keep believing in fairy tales, even though you may find them childish.
I keep believing in the unseen world, even though you may find me airy-fairy.
I keep believing in the good of the people and the world, even though you only see suffering around us.
I keep trusting that we are being guided, even though you think all just befalls you.
I keep believing in the Godly order in our life, even when something is painful and you find it unjust.
I keep getting up after every blow, sickness or sadness, because I believe that Love will help me get up again, even though you often lay down because  you believe nobody helps you.
I keep believing in unconditional love, even though your lover has left you.
I keep believing that the human is cooperative and loving even though you point out often the contrary.
I keep believing in the magical world around us even though your physical eyes can’t see it.
I keep believing in my guides and angels who whisper insights even though you just listen to the news.
I keep connecting with my soul even though you think you are your thoughts.
I keep believing in life after death even though  for you all stops when you’ll die.
I keep believing that I am a Goddess, forgotten who I am even though you believe that you are an incompetent powerless human.
I keep believing in Love for the rest of my eternal life and nothing, nobody and for sure fear cannot stop me.
And then I have a question for you….
Who’s life is nicer, yours or mine?


About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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