Consciously and fully present choose for the Light in you and in the other

23 maart, 2016

Dad, tomorrow I am again giving a reading about our communications and it’s Maundy Thursday, but with these attacks yesterday in Brussels I really wanted to hear from you.
The meeting yesterday evening was also very special, I could feel the energy of Gandhi so clearly. He spoke of how important it is to choose every day and fully aware for light and love. When we do so, the doors to the unseen world will open to help us. He said that they are able then to give us the strength that is needed every day and in any moment in any situation and with every person to choose for love. The resistance from the outside world against this made him strong and determined. By consciously making the choice every day we become determined and develop perseverance with the help of the great source of love, God.

Yes Bon, everything comes together again.
Maundy Thursday. On earth in Christianity we mean by this the Last Supper and the betrayal that took place. Although Jesus knows what is going to happen he is not walking away from it. Take my word that he was not afraid. He had experienced enough love already and he knew exactly where he was going. Also physical pain can be transformed in higher frequencies.
Gandhi who inspires you with his words has the same principle. He also had knowledge of the resistance that would come. He also knew of his approaching passing over going Home.
And now with these attacks we are again brought here to choose. Are we going to take revenge, with fights and blood, or are we going to choose consciously for love.
During the Last Supper Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. He chose brotherhood, service and equality. He chose that even though he knew what was going to happen a few hours later. That is the strength we talked about. The strength from above that awakens your Godliness.
As we have said before, the problem on Earth is that there is no equality. And that equality is also not in our own mind. Every day we compare ourselves with others. We feel we are more, or we are less. This brings inequality and the result of this is shortage of self-love.
In our last communication of March 18th, we talked about that what you think of yourself, creates a feeling and then a behaviour, which manifests in this world.
You on Earth too are facing that choice during the Last Supper. Betrayal will come, but what will you choose in all your steadfastness and your determination?
Maundy Thursday, choosing for white light, the holiness in you and in anyone else. A holiness that can never be lost. You do not have the be afraid of death. Even though you find that difficult to believe, it does not mean it’s not the truth.

Oh Dad, I can feel the group you are working with. So much love and support. I do realise that we all have to take responsibility to choose for love, every day again. Not only when the sun shines, but for sure when there is a storm. And I also realise I am responsible for what I create with my thoughts and feelings. When I let the storm rage inside of me then I will also send storm out. When I become soft and feel love then I send out that love into the world.

Yes Bon, now again you are facing a choice. The only thing we can ask from you is to feel the difference in the choices you make. The instinct, the body, the ego wants to fight back. What is your light, your love telling you? Can you still feel it or is it wiped out by outrage and feelings of revenge?

Yes Dad, we can only expel darkness by light.
Thank you again.

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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