Christmas Eve 2016

24 december, 2016

Dear people, dear guides and keepers of the Light in de Unseen World. These days it is hard for me to think of positive messages for the Holidays, knowing that so many people are suffering. People who are lonely or ill, who have lost a loved one, who live in a country in war, who are depressed. So many people have good reasons to be unhappy during the holidays.
What message can you give in these time, other than a message of love and showing us that you are near? So many people cannot feel your presence at all, so how could they feel your guidance? They only see, feel and hear the suffering inside and around them. What can love and positivity mean for them? Why are we able to live the way we do and be happy while so many of us are in misery?
“Dear Bon, yes, the duality on Earth is very visible these days. Happiness and sadness go side by side, just as the meaning of life and the nonsense of it. You can feel that inside also; your own (lack of) wisdom. From this world, a world that also holds your world and many others, we cannot do much more than continue to send you love, healing, knowledge and upliftment.
The problem is that so many people are not able to feel our support. Still, we go on sharing the message of love. The message that humanity itself creates the future on Earth. Love is the main element, because it opens up your heart to the truth. The truth that we are all equal. The truth that we can make a better world together. The truth that Earth is a part of the bigger whole. And when you start you start experiencing this wholeness, you also feel the wholeness inside. The challenges you face in your life are considerable, and for many insuperable. But we also see many souls awaken to the truth, able to help and support others. To think and act for the bigger cause and not only for their own smaller cause. Thinking and acting like that will bring peace to every cell in your body. Thinking just about yourself and your own small world will bring you feelings of separation and limitation. Even cells in your body will separate themselves from the rest, and so people will feel separated and in return exclude others. The big truth is that we all are connected, always. We are WHOLE. And love solves the feelings of separation and turns them into feelings of togetherness and unity.
So also in these days we ask you to shine your light, your love. To solve your own feelings of separation and to connect with all your brothers and sisters on Earth. Also connect to those who supposedly are lost in dark ideas. The veils between our worlds are thinning. Take some time, find silence and you will be able to hear me. Connecting worlds of differences will bring resemblance and recognition. Will bring understanding and love. Start by thinking about it, then feel it and act upon it.
Are you alone, offer your company to someone who is lonely. Don’t be afraid, meet the other person in your heart. Are you sad, offer consolation to someone else and dry his and your tears. Are you sick of it all, help someone else find her joy again. Do you feel helpless, offer someone your support. Are you unable to smile, make someone else smile. We greet you, we are with you to support you. Carry the light within you and never let it expire.”
Thank you

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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