Boredom, following your hearts potential and more….

28 januari, 2018

Hi Dad,
It has been a while…. I know you are currently communicating more with Willemijn (my sister), but I just wanted to check how you are doing. Funny, somehow I get a feeling you might get bored up there…..

Haha Bon, that is funny indeed, but no, boredom is not the case here. How could I be bored when there is so much to do and to explore, so much more than on Earth for there is no fear that something bad might come of it. Think of all the things you do not do in your life because of whatever reason. All those things we will and can do here. Besides that, all the conversations, relationships and joint cooperation are so much more intense and more loving. Remember being in love? The feeling love can give you? It is that feeling, only 10 times more intense! So the expression ‘’being in seventh heaven’; here is where that comes from. And that will never bore me Bon.

Oh Dad, this makes me so happy, I can feel your enthusiasm. And how are relationships there different from here?

They just develop. Without all the earthly meanings and feelings, we attach to relationships. Just 2 souls merging completely. But you know what I am talking about; you have already experienced this, don’t you remember?

Yes Dad, thanks for reminding me. It happened while I was sleeping and it woke me up. I felt Jesus and He told me to get up. What I felt after that is indescribable! It was so loving, sensual too, supporting and in total acceptance of my Being. It was such an extraordinary experience, and therefore just hard to tell people about it. It also happened during a consult with a client once. This client, a man, I led him in a vizualisation to the Unseen World to meet his Guide and he suddenly saw Jesus. In an instant all that had happened in his life, all that had been done to him was instantly forgiven and transformed into love. It was the fastest transformation I ever witnessed. His wife called me 2 weeks later to ask me what had happened. He was a different man completely. And the changes remained.

Yes Bon, those are experiences of your soul. You feel them, intensely and different from anything else. But your mind cannot explain them, so it tells you it was just wishful thinking, an illusion, or a dream. Here we don’t feel the need for a relationship, like on Earth. We share energy and it is just wonderful to experience and celebrate that shared energy. But there are no feelings of jealousy or exclusivity, no fear, no hiding whatsoever. We just all ARE in the Godly togetherness. There is no sex, but a melting of souls. I am currently talking to Willemijn about this, which is so inspiring for the both of us.

Yes, nice Dad, she told me. Looking forward to hearing about that. So what else you do there so you will not get bored?

Bon, we work, share, create, learn, talk, walk, enjoy, experience, travel, build, help, inspire and laugh, are with you all, we rest, we help lost souls, we enjoy the beauty of it all. And we also sit quietly together, in groups, to spread the light and the energy, the healing energy. So a lot of what we do is the same as on Earth, but also so much more. …. Oh and let’s not forget the music, the beautiful music of heaven. I think I might learn to play an instrument.

Sounds like a heavenly playground Dad. So do you only feel good feelings and emotions?

Absolutely not Bon, I definitely feel Mams pain. I took her longer than I hoped for her. We feel different emotions, often linked to our loved ones on Earth, and when you just get here also linked to yourself and all you have done in your life on Earth.

So and what are you currently doing?

My task still is inspiring you and giving messages of love to the Earth. I know many people feel me near while reading these messages and that is right. The messages are a portal through which we can make you feel our love and all your potential. Too many people on Earth do not live their full potential, the potential of their hearts, which is the most joyful path you can walk. That is what we want to make clear to you, to fully make you feel your hearts potential.
Do not be scared, live your life as you want to live it. In doing that you give others space to do the same. Humanity is able to solve all the world’s problems, and quickly too, but as long as the need for power and fear reigns your world leaders it will be more difficult to find the solutions and it takes more of your heart power. But believe in your joint power and energy. Think about it Bon, how weird is it that the world’s power is in the hands of a few and all the rest just follows?

Yes Dad, another subject…. I feel this one. How to stop fear.

There it is Bon. Learn to live in a way that fear does not control you. I am not saying it is easy, for on Earth it is so common to live in fear. But the first thing you realize up here is ‘Why did I led my life so much out of fear instead of love? ‘Here you realize how unnecessary that was. So this one is about breaking the system of your beliefs. And since believing is manifesting, that is complicated.

Nice talking to you Dad. Lately I saw a home video of you. You feel so different now, softer, quieter, bigger also…. And I also feel your power and your urge to tell us about all the wisdom you have gained. To help us make something out of our lives. I love it.

Yes Bon, and do you notice how this also influences your sessions?

Yes Dad, many of my clients feel a renewed contact with their loved ones, and they feel how they are now, not how they were on Earth. It is such a healing process. I also see it in the book meetings to speak heaven’s language. So special Dad, how groups are forming who read the book together and talk about it and then together tune in with the Unseen World. Some feel you, and the group.

Yes Bon, that is correct. Many more people will be feeling connection to their loved ones over here.
Thank you Dad, so nice to talk to you again…

Bye sweet Bon…

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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