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8 december, 2016

Hi Dad and the group,

I would like to turn to all of you because recently I often hear other influences during our conversations. How does that work Dad?
Yes Bon, you are right. Because I have a clear line with you and you can hear me loud and clear I may be the voice for many. Some subjects ask to be viewed and answered from an area of even more overview and truth. Through me the answers of others are transferred to you. 

Seems clumsy to me Dad, I can better hear them myself right?
Yes Bon, but you also noticed how much brighter your hearing has got since I am here. Through our line we are able to transfer more, which beforehand you would not have been able to receive. 

Yes Dad, I recognize what you are saying. I have the feeling that I can respond to questions but you come with different layers of an answer that I can understand in different layers of consciousness.
Next to that, I notice that throughout the day I feel a constant feeling of joy and happiness. Every hour I am aware of your presence and the presence of the Divine. Sometimes it feels like my heart explodes from joy and I would like everybody to feel the same. Sometimes I find it very frustrating because I see that not everybody is capable of feeling this. Me, myself not either 2 years, 5 years, 10 years ago. It passes me more often, without a reason. I think it is an incredible feeling. Yesterday when I took a walk in the woods I felt big tears of emotion. When I hear stories about everything that is going on in the world I smile deep within. When Dana starts a world trip for 6 months I can only feel joy and excitement. No sense of loss or sadness. When I look back on the mourning period of the past 1,5 year I must come to the conclusion that I have not felt any mourning. Sometimes, Dad, this feels as if I do not fit in because I react differently than others. I do know that this is part of it because the joy that I am able to feel is supernatural. The past 2 months it gets stronger and stronger.

Very beautiful Bon, what you feel, and what we would like everyone to feel, is what happens when you pull heaven to earth and you know that it has been here all the time, here and now. To get into the Now, because there lays the biggest problem, it is important to focus all of your attention into the present moment and experience the joy that arises. As you know, your thinking will pull you most of the time to the past or the future. Because you already tame your thinking for twenty years, and try to bring it to the Now, you suddenly realize that it happens effortlessly. That is what happens. What you feel is heaven, paradise or your true essence. The invisible energy of life, which is present in everything; human beings, animals, nature, starts to become visible and above all sensible. Enjoy it Bon. I feel the same, but even more than you feel right now. 

That is a nice prospect Dad.

That is it Bon, your prospect gets nice and that is what you are going to see. 

Haha Dad, there is something behind this…

Yes Bon, what we would like to ask everybody is to see your prospect as the most beautiful you can ever imagine. You already notice how powerful the manifestation effect of this is Bon. Looking ahead, together, creates your future. 

Yes Dad, I have definitely noticed that and especially when your heart resonated with your imagination. I have a question of a reader about aliens, also the ones less fun, who drain our energy.

Haha Bon, first of all, they are not aliens but residents of the Universe, the whole, a part of the creature. You, on the other hand, are a little ‘beyond universal’. You are so busy with your life on the island that you cannot see what is past the water. Besides that, you often drain energy from each other and that is what other energies can do as well. However, you should realize that you are always part of the Whole. Everything is present. You should not develop fear. There is so much more that you do not see or understand. Indeed, I see only the surface of the Whole. Several times already, I had the opportunity to expand my consciousness in different layers and to experience them at the same moment. In all layers are different worlds. When talking about energy, look at the amount of energy you can regenerate or waste by doing unnecessary things. For example, look at how from some people you get a lot of energy and feel cheerful, whereas from others you get tired. To be honest Bon, there is only a small group of people on earth who do not get affected by others: a different person, being, energy. Everything is connected to each other. You can let the major source feed you in order to get less influenced. Besides, it is of interest that there should be energy in abundance, like everything. 

Bonnie: after these sentences I get distracted and I continue the next day. At this moment I feel nothing coming through. It is quiet. And in the silence, the deep feeling of joy comes up again. I realize how important this silence and seclusion is. No distraction, but tuning with the Divine, unseen, loveable. Monday I leave with my mom for a five-week trip to Australia, to my sister. And suddenly I feel connection.

Ha, nice Dad, you are here again. Tell me, what have you been up to?

Hi Bon, I am currently working with some people on the possibility to make our presence more physique. Remember we were talking about being a physical medium? I am working on that too, but we will not use you as an instrument, but more as a catalyst. As you noticed already during the evenings while you are speaking with a lot of energy, we are working on the possibility to let everybody feel our presence, sometimes even physical. We do not only want some to feel us, but everybody. This is a only a vision, but it is wonderful to work on. And I met Mrs. Derks again. Mrs. Derks came to our door years ago. She is a medium and told my Dad: ‘I have been looking for you quite a while. You have to translate this book, Oahspe, in Dutch’. It took my Dad 10 years to translate it. When he did, she disappeared again. 

Wow Dad, how special to meet her again. Must have been interesting.

It was Bon, also to experience and discover how our lives have been connected all the time and being able to see her life and how she held on to the Divine voice who guided her. Nobody ever distracted her and that is not easy on earth because from everywhere comes an opinion. This connects Bon, to what you call the ‘Big Trust’. Sometimes you let yourself being lead by the Unseen World, for the bigger picture, but that might result that somebody (his or her ego) does not like this and gets mad. There is nothing you can do about it. This is how Mrs. Derks was: a beautiful soul with a goal. Do not let anybody distract you from your goal. It depends from what perspective you view it, from love or fear, that makes a world of difference. All right Bon, enjoy Australia. Looking forward to sitting with Marlou as well to share wonderful inspirations with you.
And yes, people may ask questions. We will try our best to answer them and explain everything. Bye dear Bon.

Bye Dad, thank you.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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