Ask and it will be given or not?

18 maart, 2017

Every doubt, unless it serves as sincere inquiry, is a distraction of the present moment. Every doubt about which way to go is a loss of trust in Love and the Big Source.

Good morning Dad and the Brotherhood of Light,
How lovely, what a blessing, that I may connect with you and then feel this enormous shower of Love going through me. I feel so much gratitude and emotions. This comes out of nowhere. It’s good to have this conversation again and every time I notice that the answers I get are so simple and true. For a time, my mind was busy again wondering which paths to walk. Which way do I go? What is the path of my soul and can I make a wrong choice? A wonderful answer came:” No Bon, you cannot make a wrong choice. You can choose path 1 or 2 in two different ways. From fear or from love. Suppose you choose path 1 then this path, if your choice came from fear, will go in a different direction then when you made that choice from love. The same goes for path 2. In other words, you choose and deal with the consequences. Nothing wrong with that, in doing so you discover your own essence and the power of your manifestations.” Here again so many layers in this answer and also so simple, love it.

“Ha Bon, are you talking to yourself or to us ;”

Haha funny Dad, yes, I do a lot of day-dreaming and over-thinking. But the nicest is still having a conversation with you. Please talk.

Ask and it will be given Bon. Ask, while you don’t believe that it will be given and you will be right too. Wondrous world and wondrous existence, isn’t it Bon? More and more it becomes clear and do you understand that you can create your own ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’. You don’t have to come here for that. What you hear from people with a near-dead-experience, those who visit here for a moment, is the experience of deep love and trust. Striking is that during their further live on earth their fears disappears. They discover that they didn’t have to be afraid of anything. During meditation you can, everyone can, experience this also. Meditation in which you bring your conscious alert mind to stillness and become open for the senses of your soul, a state of rest and receptive to feel, to experience and to see. In that unseen world, so close and inside you!We were there when you were recording the podcast with Yvette about Aboriginal Healing, how they create everything in dreamtime and in this dream state they have a connection with the Big Guy, the Great Spirit, the source of life and love, the all-encompassing.”

Dad, that is the same as daydreaming. So all children, in the past me too, who are called dreamy in  schools are in dreamtime,  in contact with the unseen world.

“That’s right Bon, for a child a still very natural state, without any doubts. Every doubt takes you a bit further from Home. Every doubt, unless it serves as sincere inquiry, is a distraction of the present moment. Any doubt about which path you have to go is a loss of trust in Love and the Big Source. You should not forget that this Love is in you also so take all your decisions from Love. Nor endeavor for love and searching for it but let love be your guidance. Then you are straight in to heaven. No searching.”

Thanks Dad and the group, I can feel this……How are you Dad?

“Good Bon, surprised, discovering, playful and free. Especially free. As free as your daughter Bon. She is also so free of everything at the moment. Not a moment of home sickness there in far Asia. She is almost free of all her irrelevant fears, she’s alive and takes every moment as it comes. She shouts, curses, laughs and is…. just as she is. No responsibility, no social norms, just feeling yourself in all your tissues.”

Well Dad, let’s hope she can hold on to this when she comes back to the West.

“Yes Bon, it’s the same as when you come to earth. The hope that you can hold on to that nature, that essence that you are. But in most cases, we are being seduced to adept. Because if you don’t you are being expelled. I feel unbelievably free here. I enjoy everything that you all are doing. Sometimes I whisper something in an ear. I also like you may be a transmitter of information. I meet old friends and enemies and we have fun, understanding and developing fast. It is not easy for me to explain how time works here, not possible even. We can explain but you can’t experience it. Except in those moments when you are in the flow doing something and forget the time. Time follows your feeling here and it’s not a fact. Through the daily moments of connection with us you can keep feeling Home.”

And Dad, I just written a sort of poem about having to stand in you Greatness all the time and having to shine your light and that sometimes I don’t feel like that at all.

“Yes Bon, and you really described very well that the soul and her Greatness have nothing to do with the greatness that you think about on earth but the greatness of the love in you that may express itself in all kind of ways on earth. And if some light workers make themselves known then that’s beautiful and if some light workers don’t then that’s also beautiful. And if you don’t want to be a light worker, fine, the light is shining in you still.  Difficult isn’t it Bon constantly wanting to compare and judge?”

Haha Dad, yes for sure.

“Like we pointed at before, connect with each other, advertise for each other, empower each other and let your light shine. For that you can stand on a podium or can do that on the street in your neighborhood. It’s all beautiful. You stand on a podium with your readings about these messages and you also share it with a passerby. Both is ok Bon; can you see the wonder of it Bon?”

Yes Dad, beautiful thank you.
Still 1 question Dad, what can I do to be still better in believing and realizing that all is possible. Yvette and me talked about this in concerning self-healing but also in connection with expecting the best thing to happen and allowing it. You want to believe it but there is an undercurrent of thoughts that say: maybe I can’t or maybe it’s not true.

“Yes Bon, ask and it will be given. Ask, while you don’t believe that it will be given and you are also right. So how can you believe more? By experiencing it. Practice, expect small things in which you still can believe and then make hem bigger, bigger and bigger and you will see that there is no difference in small or big. Look at the text that you just wrote down…. big, small, noticeable, unseen…. all is possible Bon.”
Yes but….
“By Bon……”
Hihi, by Dad.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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