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10 juni, 2016

Hi Dad, I feel the need to write you. Yesterday Yvette gave me a beautiful soul reading. A soul reading, combined with Archangels, such beautiful knowledge of angels. The theme was abundance; my thoughts, illusions and fears regarding this. My lesson is to return to my deep awareness of abundance, to really trust that I am taken care of, just as everybody else on Earth.
Because I started thinking in shortage, and I exactly remember the moment, I created shortage in my life myself. The threat of a big lawsuit that may await me, suddenly awakens my fears of reasons to exist. I was being told: ‘Let it go, let us solve this for you.’ Which brings me to the second issue; I am so used to solve everything myself, to get involved, to set directions. And I know, after all I‘ve read and experienced, that sometimes I’d better surrender, change my thoughts and by that create a different reality. Abundance relates to finance, and also to the matters of the heart and love. Last week during the retreat week in Switzerland, I so felt the importance of loving everybody. When you lock out just one person from your heart, your heart will start to hurt. Well, that is what’s going on in my life at the moment Dad.

Hi dear Bon. Yes, in everyone’s life there comes a time where you need to contemplate and self-reflect to see the illusions and to let go of them. When you see through the illusions, they will let you go. But many people on Earth do not believe in the concept of abundance. Also in this your power to create is important, as are the lessons and challenges you choose to experience. Just imagine Bon that you realize that life is abundant. That abundance is available for everybody. And now imagine that everybody has and feels abundance. How does that make you feel?

Absolutely festive Dad. I feel happy, radiant, joyous, free. And my creative powers start to flow. I feel connected to everybody around me, I feel love for everybody, I feel like everyone is free. Yes, my heart jumps with joy. So it has to be true.

Very good Bon. Now have a look at how you feel about your finances, the matters of your heart, the abundance in your creativity and other things?

Oops, that feels heavy and fearful. I feel hard work, planning, retirement and I feel separation. I feel as if imagining abundance is like a trick, which won’t work. Oh Dad, I see how I create. Exactly this is what I create; heaviness and fear.

So there’s your answer Bon. That is how creative people who live in abundance come in their flow; they believe in abundance and therefore they can fully engage in their passion. So many people have doubts about living their passion, because they worry what will happen to their income, money, security and future. They ask themselves ‘is it possible to make a living out of this?’ That question alone will stop their creative process. It falters, stops flowing and looses its joy.
Abundance exist Bon, deep down you already know this. But don’t let illusions distract you. Also, you know that experiencing and creating abundance results in sharing. Trust in this and practice your trust. First witness and reflect on your illusions and false truths in order to feel the real truth again in your body. And yes, this takes practice, contemplation and reflection. Your deepest wish Bon, is to create such abundance with your passion so you can show others they all have this ability and that you can help a lot of people in various ways. That we can feed, help, nourish each other. Together we create worldly abundance, not alone.

Yes Dad, I can feel that. Living together in abundance. When I create abundance in my life I can share. And then it will multiply itself, others will then live in abundance too and so on. That isn’t so hard, is it Dad?
“No it isn’t, but as long as people on Earth believe in separation and therefore in fear, they will have trouble sharing. By the way, this abundance problem on Earth could be solved in a minute, once we look at it with the eyes of our heart. What we see is there are many people who cannot walk their path of love because of their financial problems, in other words their feeling of separation. If they were to be helped in a constructive way, since there is enough abundance, they would start creating huge abundance themselves and pass it on. And let’s make this clear; it is not just about money, it is about abundance in everything. Should we really live in abundance, the whole earthly money system would cease to exist. Because why would we need it any longer? Share, help, change your thinking, feel the abundance and enjoy the universal energy that is abundant in every aspect.
There is enough of everything for everyone; food, water, hands, money, love. Everything!

Thanks Dad, I will restore my faith in this and I will start living it. Thank you thank you thank you!

Yes Bon, and thank Our Father.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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