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4 juli, 2017

Hi Dad and the Brotherhood of Light,
I really think the most important thing on Earth is love. We all want it so badly. But reality shows that we spend so little time on it and that we are seduced to loving on conditions only.

“Hi Bon,
Oh yes, I believe love is one of the most complex issues on Earth, yet it is the most simple subject here, for it all comes down to only one force and that is Love. Earth also exist through that force by the way. However, as you know every soul on Earth grows up developing a personality, an ego. This ego has a completely different view on love than the soul. You realize that you exist of a soul and an ego and that already is a huge step forward in comprehending all this.
The ego sees love as something to give and receive, earn or to be deprived of. For the ego love is something you have to deserve, you have to be worthy of, and also; you need someone else to experience it.
For the soul this is completely different, for the soul already IS love by itself. Nevertheless if someone else gives it to you or takes it from you. The soul feels no difference. The interesting thing here is our personality only feels love once it becomes quiet and starts listening to the soul. Developing your attention will make your consciousness grow towards the huge love inside. When you start to feel this, self-love will develop naturally and you will become a blessing to everyone around you.
But our personality has put so many conditions on the subject of love. You must live up to someone’s standards to be loved. Also we tell the other how we want to be loved in return. Only than we will say it is true love. This behaviour is so clearly behaviour of the ego, based on our narrow-minded ideas. Love has no conditions, love simply is love. Which does not mean you have to be available for everyone at all times. This also means you love conditionally.
You know Bon, everything in our universe, and beyond, is based on love, except the apparent idea of shortage. I say apparent, because it is not based on truth. It tells our personality to gather love, to hold on to love. Thus love will be a struggle, a competition and therefore has nothing to do anymore with the original concept of love.
As a human, you learn this lesson early on. If your grades are good, if you behave, if you are a good girl; you are loved. Should you be rebellious, uncooperative or have strong ideas of your own; you are deprived of love. That is where the crazy idea we think love is starts. Love that is outside of you, love you have to earn, love you can only get once you live up someone’s expectations, love that can be taken away from you and can make you feel terrible.
Bon, love is the thing that connects us all. We ARE love, we are never short of it, because that is impossible. However, STOP looking outside yourself for love. Focus on the inside and you will feel it. Ever so often I see the love arise in you without any reason, and I especially see the incredible joy that it brings. People who understand and feel this are connected to the universal flow of love and they feel this everlasting joy, freedom and fearlessness. They do not have to live up to someone else’s expectations any more. For those expectations are the love of the ego, and therefore are limited.”

Beautiful Dad, and how can we remind ourselves of this every day?

“Just close your eyes, relax the body and listen to the senses of your soul. This will bring you closer to your true self and you will discover this grand love and you will remember that you always were this grand love from the beginning”

Dad, how about relationships? A lot of expectations there…

“Unfortunately Bon, most relationships on Earth are ego based and therefore have a thin line between giving and taking. Relationships would be so different once we realise we don’t need another person to feel good and feel loved. That love simply IS by itself. Let go of all your earthly ideas about love, simply take a closer look. Let love soar freely above all your convictions and then see how beautiful and special the power of love is.
Let your love be like the sun, let it shine and radiate and simply BE.”

Thank you Dad,

“Oh, and one more advice for all of you struggling with relations, with love or a shortage of it: Yes, you can stop searching outside yourself. Just close your eyes, take a breath. Feel this magnificent flow of your breath, of life, effortless without thinking. Feel the beating of your heart, without conditions. This everlasting flow of life, without any agreements. Everything starts with this flow of love inside, through you and around you. Just feel it. Everything you always have been looking for is already here.
And that is BEING and that is unconditional LIVING”

Thank you Dad, and thank you Group,
<3 Bonnie

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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