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20 augustus, 2017

Oh Dad, for 2 weeks now I am hearing this subject singing in my head and only now have the time and the peace to start listening.

“Yes Bon, this is an important subject on Earth as many people become acquainted with loneliness at a very young age. A loneliness that, seen in the right light, shouldn’t be there but it is fully existing on Earth. A lot of people do not feel connected, they feel separated from others and them-selves. And here lays the crux, separated from your self, your true Self we mean. But at a young age already being formed with a self-image that is being produced by ideas on Earth, the environment you live in, your social surroundings and your parents. Already at a very young age you receive an image about yourself through the reflections surrounding you. This self-image is the cause of separation from the true Self and because of this you as a human being are feeling lonely.”

Beautiful Dad, this is also already described in the model of “The Life-Initiations” that you have channelled. And between this all is the soul, your true self and your self-image and a layer of pain.

“Ha Bon, they knew very well what they channelled then. Because of the separation pain arises, which will lay between the soul and the self-image. So many people on Earth are distracted by their self-image and the pain layer that comes with it, without getting the knowledge about their true Self, their Soul. We are really happy that now many teenagers also have found the book “On the Way to Enlightment” by which their mind opens and they develop their soul senses again. And in this way to make the connection again with the true essence and loneliness will disappear. At that moment, you wish to find moments to be alone to feel and experience the deeper connections with your essence. It is a truly deep joy to feel that. It only asks for stillness and space to be heard and felt.”

Yes it’s beautiful Dad, at this moment I am watching a friend of Nout(my son) who is reading the book now here in Swiss and of course is asking me questions constantly. It’s beautiful to see what happens.

“Yes for sure that’s precisely what’s intended. We go on. When you meet people who almost die of loneliness, because that’s what really happens, also the body goes into separation, first give them rest, talk with them, and connect them then again with their real Self.”

Ok Dad, I myself would teach them the visualization of the Sun immediately and tell them who the really are. I would let them feel the joy and connection with the unseen world through visualization and I would teach them to listen to the silent voice inside them talking about love.

“Yes Bon, do you still remember how your loneliness disappeared?”

Yes, very well. My whole youth I did not feel my place on Earth and for 7 years said that you had adopted me. I did not understand the world and her ideas because I could remember something else. The moment my connection with Home, the unseen field (from the Earth I mean) and my guides opened again fully I have never been lonely and understood my mission here on Earth. Lucky for me but many people never experience this or it never comes on their path and so stay in the experience of separation.

“Yes Bon, separated from Home, in you in your true being. And we are with many to let you remember this Home again so if there are people who are reading this now we want to ask you to close your eyes in a moment, to imagine that you open your heart and use you imagination to create your Home, however that my look for you. In this way, you have created a gateway by which we can connect ourselves with you. Imagination is not a fantasy but a gate to communication. We so much wish for you to experience that you are never alone and that you true Self is so great and has unknown possibilities in her. You have to practice so don’t give up, why would you? This are the muscles of the Soul, not used for so long, that you are going to train again. Loneliness disappears when you realize who you really are and because of that the separation in your life disappears. In that moment, you will experience that you are connected with everything surrounding you; that you are everything. And we are so pleased Bon, that the book with our messages is going to be printed soon. You all have worked so hard for it and it looks so beautiful. So well done….”

Thanks Dad, so good to feel you so close again.

“Yes Bon, we also are not separated because Love connects always and eternal. Now let all of live and her creations be based on Love…….”
Beautiful Dad and thank you.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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