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11 juli, 2017

Hi Brother-and Sisterhood of Light,
I would love to receive your input about healing. I know that we are still missing a link about everything that is already known about healing. You have given inspiration through my Dad before and this Autumn Yvette and I are going to start a training Healing & Consciousness. I know that we need to become a lot more aware of something so we become much more attuned to our self- healing aspect in ourselves.

Dear Bonnie,
Many people on Earth are being inspired by us to open the doors to the unseen world so our voice can be heard on Earth. It is time and we have the possibility to do so now with the increasing frequency of the Earth.
And so, this also is exactly the opening you need. How can you raise the frequency of the body in such a way that it synchronises with the frequency of the soul? As we have pointed out before the soul is not influenced by sickness, transience or death. Your Earthly body, is influenced. Besides this is the fact that many of you think that you are the body, thoughts and feelings. Let’s name this the Personality. Because of the Personality, sickness, transience and death become a reality.  For the soul, your real Self, this is not an option. We hope you take the time to read this again and let this permeate deep in you. Your soul, forever and imperishable has as its expression or instrument the body and the corresponding created personality to express itself. The soul does not know disease but often has to deal with a sick instrument that is being created by Earthly thoughts. In the personality sickness is a living thing as death is.

How can you raise the frequently of the body?
1.By raising the frequency of your thoughts. What are the thoughts you send in to the ether?
2.By raising the frequency of your feelings. What kind of feelings and their electromagnetic radiation you send in to the ether?
3.By raising the frequency of your body. What are you feeding your body?

Besides all this we have put you on the path of the old Aboriginal healing, an example of the old wise lifeforms on Earth, and this assumes  of  5 steps to awareness  and healing
5.Attention and focus

Also, you are looking deeply in to muscle -tension- testing, kinesiology, how to get the body in 1 line and with your intension and how to use the power of your thinking for manifesting.
All this has to do with raising the frequency.  The highest measurable frequencies are gratitude and love together. With this frequency, you arrive in the Soul. We like to talk about The Soul because it is the same for everyone. You can also call it the Godliness, source of Love, the Self. In this there is no special identification of an area but encloses all.
Before we have passed on that the Soul can never be sick. But the personality can believe in sickness. The Soul as well as the Personality are able to create. At this time on Earth it is foremost the Personality that manifests here on Earth.
The most important step in this whole story is the deep understanding that you are not your personality. That you are the Soul.  In that moment you can stand back from that what happens in the body, the emotions and in your thinking because that is not that what you really are. In that moment, you enter the area in which you can manifest with your Soul. This is the highest frequency.
The less the Soul can manifest in the body the more Personality and thus more believe in transience and sickness and dead with all the consequences. And moreover, there comes a moment in everyone’s Earthly life that the Soul extracts fully from the body after which the body dies. The Soul knows this moment and it’s no surprise for her.
By realizing that you are the Soul you directly will raise the frequency of thought, emotions and body. (This does not mean that you have to start fighting against all your emotions, grieves, thoughts of insecurity and everything  that you experience in this Earthly life but understand how they originate, because also this personality is a temporary part of us)
Through muscle-tension-testing you are able to test the body and the underlying feelings. You can be in agreement with your mind but still something else happens. All areas need to be raised in frequency. For all of you on Earth this seems not an easy task because you look out from your Personality and experience this process of self-healing as a must, a fight, a pressure, and there is also the fear for guild and weakness if you might not succeed. The Personality does not want to begin this healing and sabotages the attempt to wake up this healingpower. Because of this the Personality stays the Creator in your life and not the Soul.
Next to the steps of Aboriginal healing and all techniques that are here on Earth this is the most important, the contact of you with the Essence. The Essence is the source of Love, Godliness, the Great Spirit, God. Herein lays all that you really need to understand, to empower and to heal. It is the relation with the Godliness that lets us understand that we are not separate from the Creator and His/Her creations but a part of the Creator. That is why sometimes in a miraculous way people are healed by the means of prayer. Or through the intense believe in getting well.
You may not only strengthen your faith in this but also the power in this to truly experience what this faith can do in you. We are not talking about religion here. We are talking about believing in the power of your creations. People keep confusing faith with religion but it is this religion that undermined Believing with a feeling of impotence. Believing is thus the faith of your power as Creator. And look around you how much you already create, though unconscious and from the Personality.
So, it’s not only the power of the mind, but the power of FAITH that moves the mountain. And in this Faith, are the following ingredients:

  • Thinking in possibilities
  • Feeling the possibilities and the experience of them
  • The gratitude of this power
  • The Godly Love that empowers your power of creation

This together gives the ultimate power of creation, this time coming from Love instead of Fear.
And it is Love that Heals!”

Wow thank you so much, well, I can work with this. The next question is of course how can we make our Faith stronger?

By raising the frequency and cultivating faith. How to cultivate your Faith. By testing it, trying it out, investigating it and believe in it;)”

Thank you very much,
Love Bonnie

Love is sharing.

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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