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14 december, 2017

Hi Dad and the group, I would like to ask you about dementia, how it starts, how it progresses etc…

“Hi Bon,
First of all; congratulations on the launch of your book about our conversations! We are very content with it. At this time we are inspiring your sister Willemijn on specific subjects. But that does not mean you and I will not be communicating anymore! However, you already felt a shift in our contact, and also felt that the contact with your own guide Tinto became stronger again. So Bon, please continue with the messages from us.
Well then, dementia… an extra ordinary process of the brain.
There is no single cause for dementia. It can be caused by nourishment, by air pollution, by pollution of one’s energy, by a lower frequency of the mind, your feelings or in your choice of speech, by too much stress for a long period or by extreme events in a life that are too hard to handle. You cannot name a common cause, it really has to be viewed per individual.
Dementia is a withdrawal of the soul. And also, often people develop dementia when they feel a certain resistance to their life. This is not a general rule, but essential to mention, for so many diseases find their cause in this. A resistance against life building up in your body. This resistance and withdrawal cause certain mechanisms in the heart, in the cells, in the mind. When we withdraw, we no longer feed our cells from within. It seems difficult, but it is not. Just feel what happens in your body whenever you feel you are resisting your life or what is going on in your life.”

Yes Dad, I understand. That does not feel good.

“Dementia is an in between phase, First withdrawal that will result in a malfunction in the brain, will be a phase of confusion and a lot of fear. Whenever a person evolves in his or her dementia, there will be phases in which the soul already floats in the Unseen World. The soul still is attached to the body. That causes people to remember everything that happened in the past, but not what happened recently or happens now. Also, people can feel all the fears they have stored inside their bodies for so long. They can no longer be rational about their fears, for their ratio does not work anymore as it used to. In our western world people tend to rationalize difficult situations and extreme feelings. But when not processed, these feelings still are stored somewhere in the body.
This may sound weird, but for some dementia is a blessing. The ever-present mind no longer functions, so people can not listen to it anymore, and start to live in the present. However, it is very painful for the people around that person, to notice that your mother is no longer the person you knew. That she is a child instead, that she does not recognize you anymore, or lives in her own dream world for hours. We can tell you, this dream world is not so bad to live in. The fear they still experience comes from the body, where it is stored and now comes to the surface. Many people with dementia also live in some state of surrender and love. They often are already in the Unseen World, at Home, in Heaven, in the Source, the Hereafter or what you want to name it.”

What can we do to make contact, and how can we notice and meet their needs?

“Contact them through your heart. There is nothing wrong with that part of them, it is the doorway tot their soul. Through the heart, through your heart, you can feel what they need. It will come to you as an inspiration, or as a certain knowledge felt within. Communication through the senses of the soul, or through mediumship is also a good way to make contact. When in a late phase of dementia, the souls already lives in the Unseen World. It is only the body that remains on Earth.”

Dad, what is the function of dementia? Why doesn’t the soul just withdraws itself from the body to let it die?

“Oh Bon, many people have been able to step out of the body by itself in the past. In our times, we are no longer able to do this. It still is possible, but we feel resistance to the idea, no longer believe it, so it will not happen. For most people body and soul are one. When you truly believe that the soul controls the body, you will master it. But what we see is that people have no control over their body because they think body and soul are one, and also that it is subject to coincidental events. Of course some influences come from outside the body and effect it, but the soul and personality live in the body and guide it.
Illness and dementia are not to be comprehended by the mind. You cannot find the rational answers to it. Only the soul can. As long as humanity does not understand that their essence is the soul, they will not be able to control it and release themselves of a sick body or leave a body behind to go on. And since the medical world has sworn to do everything possible to keep the body alive, that is exactly what they do; just keep the body alive…
We see you at work in the Healing & Awakening group and it is beautiful to see how you want to wake up the soul of your students, to make them aware of the huge forces of creation they are. And alongside that force of individual creation works the force of Love, universe’s bigger plan. That force cannot be understood by the mind, not by ratio, only by the heart and the soul.”

Thank you Dad
<3 Bonnie
please share these messages <3
We are working on the book in English with al the messages

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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