A new message about yourself – March 18th

21 maart, 2016

Change your way of reporting, the way you think about yourself, and you change your experience…

Dad, all those new positive initiatives of inspiring people here on earth make me so happy. Yet we hear so little of them. We often hear negative reports in the news but so many people are already awake and awakening to do good on earth and to change the tide. It makes me think about your previous text about advertising love. Advertising each other and beautiful inspiring initiatives.
However, I also see that people don’t always find that easy and are enticed by fears and doubt. They then come up with many arguments why they don’t follow their soul mission.

Hi dear Bon,
Yes, what you mention is what we as humans all get to deal with. We are enticed or overwhelmed by negative reports about things around us but above all inside us. If you regard the way you look at yourself and the world then you can see that every person can first adjust their own thoughts about him or herself.
It is right that negative messages make you feel heavier and more negative. It infects your thinking and before you know it, you act out of fear and negativity. But most important is the way we perceive ourselves. That makes or breaks us. It is essential to become aware of this in your life. Everything you think is followed by a feeling and then by behaviour and thus a manifestation. It’s as simple as that. And yes, the arguments that the world is very dark and negative may be right since that is the way humans think about themselves. If you combine all that thinking than you discover how we create this world together. What you see in the world is an immediate reflection of what you think about yourself.

Yes Bon, I can hear you think. It is quite something, isn’t it? But I was astonished myself when I got here, to discover how much manifestation-power thoughts have over you. And it doesn’t only have an effect on you but therefore also on your surroundings. Look at your reporting. Then you see that you cannot live up to a single advertisement. Perfection is promoted and nobody measures that.
That is because what the world regards as perfect, is not perfect but an imposed prison. That way we keep creating thoughts that make us believe we are not good enough. This idea is certainly confirmed from the day we are born by societal, cultural or religious beliefs. There is always someone in the world that is not good and if you really look at it, none of us are. It only depends on who is looking.

Well, I have a good report. This story can be created but is not based on truth and has a limited lifespan. That what is the truth doesn’t have a lifespan but is eternal. As it happens, the truth is that we, you, everyone is love and that we are capable of creating worlds. As you can see in the different cultures on earth, there is a great difference in ideal beauty, ideal success and ideal luck. Whatever offers beauty, success or luck in one part of the world, brings the opposite in another part of the world. In my part of the universe, the quality of the soul matters; the light you shine, the compassion that fills your heart and the love you are. And the light, compassion and love is already there, in everyone, in the same amount… only if we believe differently then it becomes really difficult to discover your true reality.

Luckily there is a lifespan to all your convictions, fears and negativity. You can live it for a certain amount of time but it is not reality.
In other words, change your reporting about yourself and then you change your experience on earth. Change your experience and you will discover universal and eternal truth.

Oh, thanks Dad, beautiful and I realise immediately that this is not always easy. It seems easy what you say but it isn’t.

It asks for conscious attention Bon and I would like to ask the readers to write down what your reporting about yourself should be. If it complies with the universal truth then it will give you a feeling of love, freedom and a deep sense of joy.
Don’t believe everything, especially not the beliefs that have a time span, but investigate. The truth is not subjected to time but to eternity.

Thank you Dad. I have already been very busy bundling all your stories. I do have a question with regards to this. How would you like it?

Yes Bon, do what you do best and leave the rest to someone else.

Haha, so simple but I understand completely. Doing what I do best is what gives me joy and let someone else do what he or she does best and gives him or her joy. I notice I freeze when I want to do something I am not good at and that doesn’t give me joy.
Thanks Dad.


Of course you are welcome to share these reports to inspire all of us.

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Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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