​Believe in the very best.

14 april, 2016

I feel your presence but feel no words yet. What do you wish to tell me Dad? It is strange, when I am still and wait for what’s coming, I also experience feelings of restlessness. And when I let my mind wander off, I worry, about the time we live in and about the people around me. I get worried. Even now that I do understand that when it really comes from you, yourself and the group you work with, there is no fear at all. I can see events coming but I don’t feel fear, yet while when I go in my mind, I do see the fearful images.
Then, when I become still and bring my attention to my heart I suddenly see your smile. You’re not making fun of me is it Dad?

“Haha Bon, certainly not, but it is good to write about these processes because many more on Earth have the same experience and we wish to emphasize that the pictures we send are without fear. We can’t make it more simple, this is how it is. We never send out fear because it does not exist here, it’s only in your mind. Beautiful, how people react to our texts and say that it’s almost too good to believe. I’d like to go even a step further.
Everything that you can imagine as being paradise with all her goodies, is here, but factor 10 more beautiful and grander. If you could see what I see, and even that is limited, then you see outrageously beautiful areas and everything you feel is based on love.
Our words, describing love, forgiveness, connection and the big source of Love, they are all true but much more beautiful than our words can express.
Believe in the very best and you still only have a fraction of the magnificence. Believe in the very best in yourself and you only have a fraction of your own magnificence”.

Beautifully said Dad, yes sometimes your texts are so without any judgement and drenched in love  that I myself become almost tedious, haha.

“Well Bon, I never ever was tedious and you will never be too. Funny how your earthly judgement wants to predict paradise as wearisome, or even dull. Imagine Bon, that for a moment you don’t have that earthly judgement. Then you can let those so called childish fantasies of yours, you can just let them be. And they are closest to the truth”.

Dad, question: I just put a small part of your words on Facebook and a few people reacted with ‘I would really want to be there already ‘ and ‘I am fed up to be here on Earth’. We should not promote the Unseen World in a way that make people want to leave from here.

“Oh for sure, we’ll keep advertising. The difference is that this paradise we are talking about, you can feel and experience NOW. It’s only a thought away. That’s what we come to tell you.  Ànd knowledge of Paradise is also important because it makes you remember why you came to Earth. That choice we made ourselves, all of us”.

Am I not send, Dad?

“No, that choice you made yourself and in love and in full consciousness 😉
The deep understanding of how we all are able to create on Earth, is óne of the reasons why we come to Earth. And on Earth we are able, when we consciously experience love fully, to solve all problem on Earth in óne go.
So we keep advertising, because knowledge brings insight, consciousness and love. And knowledge gives you the handles to get access to this world while you are still living on Earth. That’s where we are going; experiencing the possibilities to receive that godly inspiration, to be able to view into the afterlife and to remember your power to create”.

Yes Dad, but this is also an indirect inspiration, it comes from you through me and so there could be mistakes in it.

“That’s right Bon, and I can only inspire you and give information about that what I experience and learn. I can tell you that as long as it is full of love you are on the right path. It’s not a fable that love is the way. Now, here, where ever you are, not far away in the future. Love is here NOW. Yes…it’s for sure like waking up out of a nightmare. We are doing our best to wake you up”,

Yes Dad, but I have to help my son with his homework otherwise his life here on Earth is getting more difficult. And I have to keep working to make money. Although my work does not feel like work but a hobby, many people feel the pressure to make money. On Earth we do a lot of things to survive and that feels not always as the path of love. I would like to share everything and I would like to say to my children : live, enjoy and do what you want. In other words: I would like to be happy always, but I am not. You have to do a lot here on Earth to live well and give your children a future.

“Yes Bon, you are nicely day-dreaming and that’s precisely the reason why it’s not yet happening on Earth. Yes, if you would share everything there would  be no need to take away anything from you. If you let your children and yourself live and do what you like, then life simply Is. You are too busy making life while life goes on”.

Ok Dad, I am lost now……

“Haha yes that’s what I mean. Your mind is losing the path of love. And obtaining knowledge because you like it, is totally different then when you must do it because you think that you can improve your life doing so. Of course now on Earth it’s not how it could be, that’s because you don’t share…..”.

So simple Dad, sharing…..strange….immediately a feeling of fear starts….what if I do it and nobody else goes along..….or if I tell my children. ..enjoy and live. ..and nobody else does it….

“That’s  exactly my point Bon. And that’s exactly the reason way we walk the path of fear on Earth and not of love. That’s why also so many souls do not like Earth anymore. We will help you to turn around this thinking. There will come a moment that you will not think anymore but act. From shortage towards abundance. From fighting to cooperation. From fear to love.
Let’s walk the path of love, together.
What you also can do Bon, is waking up from the dream”.

Pffff Dad, now I lost you.

About the author

Bonnie is psychologist, spiritual medium, writer and lifecounselor. She writes to inspire, to make you think and support you on your way in life. In this Blog she is sharing the messages she receives from her father who went home at 28 July 2015. These are messages of hope & love.

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